Pixelmator Pro is updated with an option to remove the background from an image

The truth is that the Pixelmator Pro application is spectacular on Macs and quite poor on iPadOS devices. In this sense, we will talk today about the new version launched by the developer of this app a few hours ago and that significantly improves the use of the app and more specifically one of its functions. This new version of Pixelmator Pro 2.3 adds a really cool and simple feature to remove the background from any image.

Pixelmator Pro adds an automatic function to remove the background from any image

This competitor of Adobe applications improves one of the key points for many users and it is artificial intelligence. In this sense, the new version offers an automatic function to eliminate the background of any image, something that it certainly makes the task of image editors much easier.

This new version also adds a new automatic subject selection function and new Select and Mask tools along with the typical corrections and improvements in the stability of the app that are always added in new versions. As a curious fact and that surely many of you did not know, Pixelmator Pro names the new versions and in this case it titled it “Abracadabra” on the official website. This is logically related to the option to erase the background of any image with a single click.

The truth is that this software works really well for the vast majority of users and its price is really tight. Secondly we have a totally free trial option on the official website of Pixelmator to see if it really convinces us, something that is interesting for many of the users who do not dare to make the leap to this app.

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