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The story of the book takes place decades before the so-called Post-Apocalyptic Panem era and will be an opportunity to discover everything that leads to the narration of the original books. The writer, from the beginning, he always had a greater concern for narrating the previous events before continuing with a sequel with characters that, more or less, were already perfectly developed in the original trilogy.

The official synopsis of the book reads as follows:

It is the morning of the harvest will start the tenth Hunger Games. On Capitol Hill, eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow prepares for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: glory as a Games mentor.

The Snow house, once so influential, is going through difficult times, and his fate depends on Coriolanus outwitting his peers in wit, strategy, and charm as he mentors the tribute he is awarded. But everything is against him…

The movie

Practically from the moment the arrival of a new book was announced in 2019, Lionsgate had the rights to make a movie tied up and proof of this were the statements made by Joe Drake, president of the company itself, when he revealed that “as a producer of the films of The Hunger Games, we can’t wait for Suzanne’s next book to be published. We have been communicating with her throughout the writing process and look forward to continuing to work closely with her throughout the film.”

In addition, from the production company they have decided not to complicate things too much by applying that old saying that “if something works, don’t change it”. Obviously everything will not be able to remain as it was with the first four deliveries, but yes the name of the one who directs the ship, Francis Lawrence (in the image above), who will be the director again after passing through the franchise and the good work he did for The Hunger Games Catching Fire Y Mockingjay Part I and II.

The film is produced by Nina Jacobson and the writer herself, Suzanne Collins, while Michael Arndt will be the main person in charge of the script. Precisely, the latter already participated in the development of the adaptation of The Hunger Games Catching Fire in the year 2013.

The cast

We have known since April 2020 that the film is in the production and development phase, although there is still no official release date. What do seem confirmed are the first names of the leading cast. They are the following:

Rachel Zegler

It will have the main role as Lucy Gray Baird, the female tribute from District 12 in the tenth Hunger Games. Of course, on this occasion the leading actress of West Side Story twill serve as a mentor in The Hunger Games Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents to Coriolanus Snow. Do you remember it from the original movies?

Tom Blyth

The future villain has a face. This character is the one that during the trilogy of The Hunger Games we know as President Coriolanus Snow, so it will be a good opportunity to discover what events forged his fearsome personality.

Laurel Marsen

Yes, Laurel will play Mayfair Lipp and is known for her time in the Disney + series Ms Marvel. Her character is the daughter of Mayor Lippresponsible for District 12 at the time the tenth Hunger Games begin.

Josh Andres River

He will play Sejanus Plinth, a companion of the future President of Panem in academia.

Ashley Liao

Ashley will get into the skin of Clemensia Dovecote, a capitol dweller and student Also from the Academy.

Mackenzie Lansing

Mackenzie will play the role of Coral in the film, the female tribute to be made by District 4 in the tenth Hunger Games.

knox gibson

Bobbin is a younger character, but he will come in handy for Knox, since will play the role of the male tribute from District 8 in the tenth Hunger Games.

Aamer Husayn

He will play Felix Ravinstill, neither more nor less than the President of the Nation during the tenth Hunger Games.

Jerome Lance

He will get into the role of Marcus, the male tribute from District 2 in the tenth Hunger Games.

Moon Steeples

Luna, finally, will embody Dill, the female tribute from District 11 in the tenth Hunger Games.

Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents Trailer

for now it is the only “trailer” or preview published about the prequel of The Hunger Games, but it serves as an appetizer for what will come to us next year. Remember that as soon as new videos appear, we will add them to this same page.

When is it released in theaters?

The film’s producer has announced that the new film will be released on November 17, 2023, so we still have quite a few months to go until it reaches theaters.

Let’s hope there are no delays on her way to the red carpet. Just in case, be sure to stay tuned here to find out everything.

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