PS2 Eclipse is the portable PlayStation 2 dreamed of by many

The portable Playstation 2 you’ll want

Carrying out modifications of certain devices to adapt them to a specific idea is nothing new. Modding has been around for years and during all that time we have seen how many users created all kinds of devices, although those works where they turned tabletop consoles into portable models always attracted a lot of attention.

So we have seen a Nintendo 64, Wii or many others like portable consoles in the style of the popular Nintendo DS or PSP. Well, with that PSP or Nintendo Switch type factor, there were also proposals that made models as popular as the Playstation 2, but we do not remember one as interesting as the one created by GingerOfOz.

This modder transformed a PlayStation 2 is a portable model with a quality in the finishes that frankly could pass for an official Sony model. Because it could be said that despite the licenses that have been taken, it would have been the portable version that anyone who had the PS2 wishes they had at that time to play their favorite titles (which were many who saw the light on the second console Sony) wherever they went.

PS2 Eclipse

The portable version created by this modder is called the PS2 Eclipse and the truth is that it suits him well, because the design and finish outshines any previous version that has been made. Because transforming a Playstation 2 into a portable model is nothing new, there have already been and surely will continue to be new versions in the future.

However, as we say, the detail of this modification is extremely good. And as he tells in the video, it is a project that dates back to 2018, when he acquired a PS2 Slim that serves as the basis for this modification. Something that was not easy because of how I had to cut the motherboard to adapt it to the desired size. In the video above he explains everything.

Regarding the technical details, you will already know the PS2 hardware and what GingerOfOz did was adapt elements from other consoles to build this one. Thus, for example, the housing printed with a 3D printer is designed to later make use of the buttons on a PlayStation Vita. So everything is much more aesthetic.

Then it has a 5 inch screen It has a resolution of 480p, more than enough for the games of the time that were not intended for high resolution monitors as it is today.

For the rest, there is of course no disc player here, so the games are transferred to the console via a USB connector. The downside is that the loading times appear to be slower than they would be with the original discs. But it’s the same, Who wouldn’t want to have this PS2 Eclipse in their possession?

Why not use an emulator?

You may be wondering why not use an emulator better, because in the video itself it explains it. The reason for having made this modification, in addition to the challenge and personal satisfaction involved in achieving it, the main idea is that the hardware executes the titles natively, so everything runs as it should.

So, yes, there are many additional ways to achieve a portable PS2, but again none like this PS2 Eclipse. But if you want to enjoy classic titles from one of the most popular consoles in history, you can turn to PlayStation emulators.

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