Rumors indicate that the arrival of the new Mac Pro is near

Mac Pro

Rumors about the possibility of new Mac models reaching users, specifically the Mac Pro, are becoming more intense. The last thing that is heard is that it is very close to becoming a reality and that soon we will be able to see the new model of Mac Pro. That will mean that another model released not long ago, the Mac Studio, will not be updated and therefore we will not be able to see its evolution as we see it in other models.


Typically there will be an update to Mac Studio. It would consist of adding a new chip inside. We assume that if updated, these would be all the news because it has been doing so with other models. Therefore we would have the M2 chip inside the Studio. However, rumors indicate that it is more than likely that this will not happen. that we may never see that update and all because a new Mac Pro is more likely to be released.

The new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is expected to launch in the spring and with the M2 Ultra chip. According to Mark Gurman in his “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, the Mac Pro is similar in functionality to the Mac Studio, and therefore “it would not make sense” that Apple offers an M2 Ultra Mac Studio and an M2 Ultra Mac Pro at the same time. And if it is a matter of choosing both the company and the users, they will surely prefer the power and quality, as well as the exclusivity of the Mac Pro.

Just because we don’t see a Mac Studio with M2, doesn’t mean it won’t be updated anymore. On the contrary. What Apple will do will update it with the M3 and thus be able to differentiate both computers on the market and with that generate doubts for the end user, who will have to decide between a Mac Pro with M2 Utra or a Mac Studio with M3.

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