Samsung’s new screen will be QD-OLED … But what is it?

Samsung and Sony took advantage of CES to present QD OLED displays. But behind this unfamiliar name lies the technology of tomorrow.

In the flood of CES announcements it is sometimes difficult to remember what will make the future of new technologies, and what is more or less surprising in the order of the concept. So some may have already forgotten that Samsung presented a very unique screen last week, the latter being QD-OLED.

But while the Korean electronics giant did not go into too much detail on the technical details of its screen during the Las Vegas show, the SGS (general surveillance company) has just done it for it. Indeed, the institution has just given in detail the technical characteristics of this brand new screen, capable of shining brightly.

The best of both worlds

Indeed, the QD-OLED would thus be able to reach the bar of 1000 nits. Information confirmed by SGS which ensures that the screen is capable of offering more than 90% of “Color space”. If the OLED was already a breakthrough allowing LEDs to turn on or off one by one, giving deeper blacks and much better contrasts than LCD screens, the latter still had difficulties, especially in terms of brightness.

A weak point which has therefore become a strong point for QD-OLED screens which today have tiny quantum dots capable of offering light up to 1000 nits, which is much better than any LCD present. on the market. Samsung presents this new technology as the perfect blend of the two worlds.

Samsung and Sony while waiting for LG?

The QD-OLED also benefits from the deep blacks and infinite contrast of the OLED, while the presence of quantum particles allows the screen to have vivid and vibrant colors like on an LCD. The other important point, and on which Samsung has pressed a lot, is the possibility of looking at your screen from very wide angles. It doesn’t really matter anymore that you are right in front of the screen for the best possible experience, as the screen can be viewed from just about anywhere without losing much of the picture quality.

This very promising technology, Samsung is not the only one to want to take advantage of it. Indeed during CES, the Japanese neighbor Sony also showed what it was capable of with QD OLED screens, to say the least, stunning. We will have to wait until the middle of the year in any case to be able to tell the difference, in store, between the two products.

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