Save battery on Apple Watch? watchOS 9 will let you

As the month of September approaches and, consequently, also the launch of both the new Apple devices and the new operating systems, the rumors about the possible news that these could bring do not stop showing their heads. In this case, it was Mark Gurman who spoke out about an Apple Watch feature that could allow users to save battery life. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Low power mode for Apple Watch

One of the apple watch weak points it is without a doubt its autonomy. Although it is more than enough to spend the whole day with the position on your wrist and taking advantage of all the advantages that this entails without having to worry about the battery, the truth is that for those users who also want to take it to bed to be able to monitor sleep, they already have to go through the charger if they want to have their Apple watch fully operational the next day. In other words, in no case can an Apple Watch user spend two days without using the charger.

Apple Watch S7 charging

It is true that with the Apple Watch Series 7 and the fantastic fast charging that it has, has meant that with just a few minutes of charging per day, you have autonomy to do practically what you want, but the ideal option is for Apple to achieve much greater autonomy for its watch. Well, another new feature that according to Mark Gurman will arrive with watchOS 9 is the possibility to activate a low consumption mode for the Apple Watchthat is, something similar to what already exists within the iPhone.

It is true that currently, the Apple Watch already has a low consumption mode in a certain way in which the clock only shows the time, however, this new functionality would allow users to activate it whenever they wanted and, in addition, it would also I would stop using the applications that you have installed on it.

Will it be an exclusive function of the new models?

The question that many ask is, Why didn’t Apple announce this novelty at WWDC?well, surely because this functionality may not be available for all Apple Watch models. According to Mark Gurman, this low power mode is expected to come with the first version of watchOS 9, which is expected to be available in September together with the launch of the new Apple Watch models, which will be the Apple Watch Series 8a new Apple Watch SEand the rumored Rugged Apple Watch.

apple watch face

Therefore, the fact that this function was not announced at WWDC as one of the great novelties of watchOS 9 indicates that it is surely something exclusive to the new models since it will have a dependency on their hardware. However, this information must be taken, as always, with tweezers, since they are only rumors that Apple, obviously, has neither confirmed nor denied, so we encourage you to keep an eye on our news in which we will keep informed and informed of everything that happens to the Apple world.

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