Seagate already offers 22TB HDDs

The storage needs of many companies, and many professionals, are increasing, a reality to which giants like Seagate are responding in a way that is as simple as it is effective: offering storage units with higher storage capacity.

We have named Seagate because the American company has just confirmed the launch of its 22TB capacity hard drivesa very important news that represents a turning point since the first 20 TB hard drives arrived in 2020. The next step will be 30 TB capacity hard drives, and if all goes according to plan it is expected that at some point of 2026 begin to emerge the 50TB hard drives.

In the attached graph we can see the roadmap that Seagate has marked, and that includes the most important launches of the company both in recent years and in those to come. The new 22 TB hard drives that the American giant has already begun to distribute use the SMR technology (shingled magnetic recording), that allows you to increase storage density without having to give up good performance or high reliability.


On the other hand, Seagate continues to supply high-capacity HDD drives based on the technology of heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) to some of its largest customers, albeit for the time being with an early testing and implementation goal, which means that these types of units will still take some time to reach the general consumer market, and that their prices could be quite high.

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If there is no unforeseen event, the first HDD units with a maximum capacity of 100TB will hit the market sometime in 2030. It goes without saying that it will be a first step, and therefore its availability will be limited, and its prices high.

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