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With a score of 97 on Metacritic, Red Dead Redemption 2 is considered one of the best games of all time. But for some, there is a way to make the Rockstar Games title even better. As? Using (and abusing) in-game codes — of course.

Admittedly, using cheats doesn’t make things as chaotic as in GTA 5. Still, getting infinite ammo, increasing your honor rating, summoning a warhorse, and getting a loadout of heavy weapons can further shake the trajectory in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The good news is that the method for enabling cheats is the same whether on PC, PS4 or Xbox One. For that:

  1. Pause the game to get to the Red Dead Redemption 2 menu;
  2. Choose the settings tab;
  3. Check the lower right corner of the screen and run the command to open the code list.

Afterwards, just type the terms from the list below (respecting punctuation and capital letters) to activate the cheats. Some will require the purchase of specific newspapers, while others may be enabled without any requirements whatsoever.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Journal

Image: Reproduction/Mick Saladin

Without further ado, check out the list below with the cheats for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Codes – PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Code It is made requirements
A fool on command Gets you drunk instantly None
A simple life, a beautiful death Receive a load of basic weapons None
Abundance is the dullest desire infinite ammo Purchase the New Hanover Gazette #27 or Blackwater Ledger #62 after finishing the “Eastward Bound” quest in Chapter 1.
balance. All is balance Set your honor to neutral None
Be greedy only for foresight Unlimited Reservation for Eyes of Death None
better than my dog Allows you to call your horse from any distance None
death is silence Receive a load of stealth weaponry None
eat of knowledge Unlocks all crafting recipes None
Greed is American virtue Receive a load of heavy weapons Purchase Saint Denis Times #46 or Blackwater Ledger #65 after finishing the “Magicians for Sport” quest in Chapter 3
Greed is now a virtue Get $500 None
guide me better Set your Eyes of Death to level 1 None
History is written by fools Receive a shipment of gunslinger weapons None
I seek and I find Set your Eyes of Death to level 5 None
I shall be better Set your Eyes of Death to level 3 None
I still seek more Set your Eyes of Death to level 4 None
Keep your dreams light Summons a horse with a reel None
Keep your dreams simple Summons a cart with a horse None
make me better Set your Eyes of Death to level 2 None
My kingdom is a horse Increases bond with all your horses None
Run! Run! Run! Summons a racehorse None
Seek all the bounty of this place Increases your health, stamina, and Death Eye bar levels None
The best of the old ways Summons a Chariot None
The lucky be strong evermore Grants unlimited stamina pool None
Vanity. All is vanity Unlocks all clothes in Arthur’s wardrobe None
Virtue unearned is not virtue Increases your honor rating Buy Blackwater Ledger #67 after finishing the quest “Urban Pleasures” in Chapter 4
Would you be happier as a clown? Summons a circus wagon Purchase Blackwater Ledger #73 after completing “The Landdowning Classes” quest in the Epilogue
You are a beast built for war Summons a War Horse Purchase Blackwater Ledger #72 after completing “The Wheel” quest in the Epilogue
You flourish before you die Sets health, stamina, and Deadeye bars to full None
You long for sight and see nothing Reveal the entire map Buy Blackwater Ledger #66 or New Hanover Gazette #31 after finishing “The Joys of Civilization” quest in Chapter 4
You revel in your disgrace, I see Sets your honor to the minimum value None
You seek more than the world offers Replenishes and strengthens your health, stamina, and Eyes of Death bars Purchase the New Hanover Gazette #36 after finishing the quest “The King’s Son’” in Chapter 6
You want everyone to go away Clears all current wanted statuses and bounties across the city None
You want freedom Lowers your wanted rating None
You want more than you have Summons a Thoroughbred Arabian horse None
You want punishment Increases your wanted rating None
You want something new Summons a horse of a random race and coat None


It is important to note that the use of codes in Red Dead Redemption 2 will prevent the saving of progress, as well as the achievement of trophies. Therefore, it is highly recommended that cheats be enabled in a separate save so as not to compromise your gameplay.

Via: TechRadar

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