SiFive’s value soars thanks to its leadership in RISC-V

SiFive has become a technology giant that continues to grow. Its commitment to the RISC-V architecture has been a success, and the company has known how to play its cards well to remain the undisputed leader of solutions based on said architecture. This has allowed him to achieve a goal that would have seemed unthinkable a short time ago: touching a market valuation of $2.5 billion.

Its good results have led SiFive to live a golden moment, and this has allowed it to significantly accelerate the development of new RISC-V solutions. The company’s objective is very clear: to continue showing the world that this architecture has “unlimited potential” and respond to the needs of its customers.

SiFive’s story it is relatively recent, as it was founded six years ago by the brains behind the RISC-V architecture. The company presented the open standard ISA and there is no doubt, seeing where they have come, that they managed to transform both the present and the future of the world of computing, and computing.

Today, the RISC-V architecture has established itself as one of the main computing platforms globally, and its success has been so great that even other giants that have their own architectures, such as Intel, have confirmed significant investments to promote the RISC-V ecosystem. Without going further, the chip giant shaped a fund of 1,000 million dollars focused on innovation, which will facilitate the creation of modular solutions with designs that allow the use of x86, ARM and RISC-V architectures.

Bob Brennan, vice president and general manager of customer solutions engineering at Intel Foundry Services, said:

“Intel believes in allowing a multi-ISA strategy, including RISC-V as the open computing foundation for future platforms. Our IFS investment in RISC-V includes partnering with RISC-V leader SiFive to build the Horse Creek platform which will be available in late 2022, utilizing the Intel 4″ node.

For his part, Patrick Little, CEO and President of SiFive, commented:

“The market has spoken and has made it very clear that RISC-V computing will compete to be the brains of all future computing platforms. As the founder and market leader of RISC-V computing, our goal is to lead this ecosystem and offer customers a computing alternative to ARM and others. This rating is a validation of our strategy, our amazing team, and our singular focus on building the leading portfolio of high-performance RISC-V computing products.”

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