Smart TV LG OLED very low and with headphones valued at 129 euros as a gift in Mi Electro

My Electro usually surprises us with all kinds of high-end promotions so that we can buy technology at the best price. And inside your LG Days, where you can buy efficient appliances with discounts of up to 25%, have launched another high offer. Or rather, they offer you the best opportunity to renew your old television by buying a LG OLED Smart TV from 769 euros. Isn’t that enough for you? Well you know that You are going to take LG Tone FP5 headphones valued at 129 euros as a gift.

Of course, as expected in a bargain of these characteristics, the offer will be available for a limited time, so do not miss this opportunity before the units in stock run out. we leave you a link to promotionalthough we will make a summary of the best products.

Get a gift of headphones when you buy these LG OLED Smart TVs on offer

As you may have seen, the price of these Offer OLED Smart TV It is already high, but if they are going to give you some headphones valued at 129 euros, they make it a promotion that you should not miss. Let’s see what the big bargains are.

The best OLED Smart TVs on sale at Mi Electro

To begin with, it should be noted that this promotion applies to all OLED, NanoCell and QNED televisions from the Korean manufacturer, but we are going to focus on the discounted LG OLED Smart TVs since they have a very attractive price.

What headphones do they give away with this promotion

Regarding the LG Tone FP5 gift headphones, say that we are facing a TWS model whose objective is to be one of the best alternatives to Apple AirPods. For this, they boast IPX4 certification so that you can use them while you practice sports.

To this we must add a range of 22 hours (8 from the headphones and 14 extra from the carrying and charging case), so you can listen to your favorite songs without worrying about a thing. Note that they have HSP, the leading technology of Meridianwhich simulates the listening experience of real speakers with realistic, immersive sound.

On the other hand, Flex Action Bass rProduces more powerful bass while maintaining the clarity and sharpness of the music. All this thanks to a larger and more advanced driver coupled with a diaphragm with additional silicone edges that allow more movement and flexibility. The icing on the cake is its noise cancellation so you can live an immersive experience from height.

LG OLED A1 from 769 euros

LG OLED A1 front

We start this compilation with the best offers on Smart TV OLED that you will find in Mi Electro with the cheapest model of the manufacturer. This television still has a panel of organic light-emitting diodes, so the image quality is guaranteed.

Also, now that Mi Electro has dropped the price of this Smart TV so you can renew your old TV and buy a brand new OLED model at a knockdown price, it is a unique opportunity.

Buy the 48-inch LG OLED A1 Smart TV for 769 euros (30% discount)
Buy the 55-inch LG OLED A1 Smart TV for 869 euros (46% discount)
Buy the 65-inch LG OLED A1 Smart TV for 1,379 euros (42% discount)

Without a doubt, some very attractive offers so that you can live the OLED experience for much less than you imagine. Are you looking for a more vitaminized model? Then do not miss the following two offers.

LG OLED C1 from 1195 euros


We continue this compilation with the best offers on Smart TV OLED that you will find in Mi Electro with one of the best LG models, and the best seller during the past Black Friday. We are talking about the acclaimed LG OLED C1, a smart TV that left us with very good feelings when we had the opportunity to analyze it and that you can now get at the best price.

Buy the 55-inch LG OLED C1 for 1,195 euros (40% discount)
Buy the 65-inch LG OLED C1 for 1,595 euros (47% discount)

Its 4K panel with more than 8 million completely autonomous pixels guarantees unquestionable image quality, as well as infinite contrast and unrivaled depth and image quality. Add to that its support for standards like Dolby Atmos, ALLM, eARC and Ariplay 2, in addition to being a perfect Smart TV for gaming (it has a full HDMI 2.1 port and support for offering content in 4K at 120 Hz, VRR, G-Sync and Freesync Premium) and you have a round product . Or better to go for the jewel in the crown of the manufacturer? If so, bet on the LG OLED G1.

LG OLED G1 from 1499 euros


Lastly, if you plan buy the LG OLED G1Now is the best time for it. We are talking about a vitaminized version of the LG OLED C1 and that has a specific design to be able to hang it on the wall and take up as little space as possible.

A model that will more than meet the expectations of the most demanding users and that you can now achieve with a discount up to 35%.

Buy the 55-inch LG OLED G1 Smart TV for 1,479 euros (36% discount)
Buy the 65-inch LG OLED G1 Smart TV for 1,959 euros (35% discount)

As you may have seen, the offers that Mi Electro has launched are very good, especially considering the gift LG Tone FP5 headphones. In addition, there is a service that makes the difference with its rivals. We talk about the delivery and commissioning in 24 hours, and that will allow you to enjoy your brand new OLED Smart TV the day after buying it. The only requirement? That your home is within the radius of action of the nearest store.

In the event that you are within the radius of action, In less than 24 hours you will have your TV, or any other product purchased at Mi Electro, in your home. In addition, it will be the Mi Electro staff who will mount the television for you (they can even hang it on the wall). We are talking about professionals who receive constant training to be up to date with new technologies. They will answer all your questions, help you set up your Smart TV and even remove your old TV to take it to a green point. What more can you ask!

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