So you can calculate the cost of any home appliance

control the light consumption in our homes is important. The price of electricity makes us pay more attention to how much we spend. For this reason, in this article we are going to explain how to see how much a specific device consumes. You can know how much your television, oven, computer spends… Any device you use in your day to day. This will help you keep better control and avoid excessive consumption without realizing it and that means an increase in the bill.

How to see how much an electrical appliance spends

Perhaps you have doubts about how much your electric appliances. There may be important differences and there are some who are going to spend a significant part of the total. For example, you cannot compare a fan with an air conditioner. Neither a TV with an oven. But how exactly can it be calculated?

You can calculate consumption in a very simple way, although you will have to know certain information. Once you have the information, you can easily calculate how much energy a specific device consumes and also know the equivalent in the price of the bill. This will depend in part on how long you use something. Basically you need to know the following:

  • Power in watts or W of the appliance
  • Know how long you use it
  • Know the current price of energy

Therefore, the first thing is to know what power has the device you are interested in. It will come measured in W or watts. For example, you will see figures like 500 W, 1500 W, etc. Not everyone is going to consume the same and there may even be important differences. An example is television, which depending on the type of screen and the inches (in addition to other factors) can consume more or less.

Once you know what the power is, for example let’s put 200 W for a television, the next thing is to keep in mind how long let’s use it. Let’s say we are going to watch TV 2 hours a day for a month that has 30 days. What we do is multiply the total hours (2 hours times 30 days would make 60 hours) by the power, which is 200 W. We divide that amount by 1,000 to find the kWh, which in this case would be 12 kWh (200×60/ 1000).

We already know how much energy that device is going to consume, which in this case is a 200 W television that we are going to use 60 hours in a month. Now it would be necessary to calculate the cost of that consumption in the invoice. For this we need to know the price of each kWhwhich we can put, for example, €0.16.

What we would do is multiply the amount of kWh that we are going to consume, which would be 12, by the price of each kWh consumed, which would be €0.16 in our example. Therefore, it gives us a consumption of €1.92 per month.

As you can see, we have given a simple example of a television. You can do a similar calculation with any other device. You will only have to know its power (measured in W), calculate the hours you are going to use it each month and know the price of each kWh. The price will logically depend on the contracted rate and it is something that can vary quite a bit, so you will have to check it in your case.

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