So you can join the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer test right now

This is one of the most mythical franchises on PC, which will arrive in just a month and a half and which has started the year with a multiplayer test that can give you an idea of ​​what you are going to find. So if you want to try now Company of Heroes 3this is your best opportunity without having to drop a single euro. Or don’t you know the legendary RTS series created by Relic entertainment in 2006?

A real-time strategy classic

As we tell you, it was exactly 17 years ago now that Relic Entertainment, hand in hand with THQ, put the first Company of Heroes. Son of a time when television series began to emerge and what did he see in blood brothers your source of inspiration. It was the times of the Second World War seen through the eyes of Steven Spielberg in Saving Private Ryan and the successes of Medal of Honor and the first call of duty focused on that war conflict.

Company of HeroesNevertheless, he opted for real-time strategy, in which we manage a group of soldiers and special units and we must conquer the land occupied by the German troops, achieving a series of objectives. The fact is that in this 2023 we will have the third installment, which will go on sale on February 23 and again Relic Entertainment has launched a multiplayer test to verify that everything is working as it should.

Is about a trial period that started yesterday, January 11, and which will end on the 16th at noon, when it is 10:00 in the morning on the Pacific coast of the US. So if you are interested in trying this beta prior to the launch of Company of Heroes 3Do you know what you should do?

Company of Heroes 3.

Try it free right now

as we tell you, the game has been opened a few hours ago for all PC users who want to join. If you want to do it, you simply have to access the official page of Company of Heroes 3 on Steam (below you have the link) and look for the option of Join the Company of Heroes 3 Playtest. You will see below a green button that indicates Request Access so we click and follow all the instructions it gives us.

The process is very simple because what Steam will do when confirming that we want to participate is send a request on your behalf (email) to the developer so that, as soon as there is a gap, I will send you a communication with the instructions to join the beta phase. After gaining access, you can download the special client to your Steam account and enter to play as if it were one more purchase that you have available in your library.

This multiplayer test will offer a first mission for a single player that works as a tutorial and then you will have open the modalities of confrontations 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 of the multiplayer where it will be possible to choose between four different armies: the US infantry, the British and the Germans, both from the classic Wehrmacht and the Africa Korps of the legendary Erwin Rommel.

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