So you can know if you should change the electricity rate and save

Change or not the electricity rate

Keep in mind that this change may mean that you have to change companies, but you may be able to continue with the same company and simply change rates. simply with take a look at your bill You will be able to see certain data and information that can be useful to you to decide what is best for you according to your case.

See when you consume more

Something essential is analyze when you consume more. On your bill you will see, at the bottom, a breakdown of the consumption that you have had in the last month and in the last year in the flat, valley and peak bands. That will already give you some clues so that you know if the rate you have contracted is good for you or better to change.

Maybe you have a rate without hourly discrimination. This means that you will pay the same regardless of the time of day. If when analyzing the bill you see that your highest consumption is in the valley, you would really be interested in having a contracted rate with hourly discrimination and being able to pay less in those hours of greatest consumption.

Make a cost comparison

Of course, another key point is to make a comparison of how much you are paying and how much you could pay. Again you can go to the last invoice and see how much are you paying per kWh. You can look at another rate with that same company or look at different ones and compare. You may see that you can save money by switching.

Keep in mind that you may pay a different kWh depending on the time slot. You should look at that equally in the different rates that you are going to compare and thus see more clearly how much you could save or not if you change it.

Plan in the medium term

This point is important and we do not always take it into account when contracting an electricity rate, especially when we make a more long-term contract. Are we going to spend the same in a few months or 1 or 2 years from now? Maybe your habits will change. For example, if you are going to spend less time at home or, on the contrary, you are going to start working from home.

You can also plan if you are going to start spend more electricity for some specific reason, for example if you have bought electric radiators for the winter or air conditioners for the summer. This will also help you to have more personalized information and see if it is worth changing your electricity rate to save.

View the peak power consumed

In this case, beyond changing or not changing your electricity rate, you can simply adjust power that you have contracted The older you are, the more you will pay each month. In addition, you can adjust it in different time slots. How can you know if you pay more than necessary? Again you can go to the electricity bill. There you will see what has been the peak of maximum power that you have needed during the last year.

If you see that you have contracted a power greater than that maximum peak and also do not think you are going to spend more (for example if you are not going to buy any electrical appliance or something like that that consumes more at specific times) you can choose to lower the power and pay less each month.

In short, as you can see, you can take into account these simple points that we have explained to decide whether or not it is worth changing the electricity rate you have contracted. The idea is to know yourself, to know the consumption that your home has and can have, and from there analyze the bill information and compare options.

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