What happens to your connection if you don’t use a good VPN

What if the VPN is not working well

There can be two causes for problems: on the one hand, the fact of having a Bad VPN, that is insecure, and on the other hand that it does not work well for some reason. The latter could happen if, for example, we have the program out of date or we are connected to a server that does not work well.

This could lead to certain problems that could affect connection and the use we make of the network. We must therefore fix the VPN failures as soon as possible and thus avoid running out of Internet or malfunctioning for any reason. Let’s see the main thing that could happen.

Bad speed

An obvious problem that we can suffer is that there is a loss of speed Notable when using a VPN that doesn’t work well. It is undoubtedly the first sign that we will have in case we use an outdated program, a free version that does not usually have good results, etc.

Something basic for users when surfing the net is having a good speed. However, this is not always present. We can suffer problems derived from a bad connection, malware or the use of programs that are not well optimized.

Tricks to improve Internet speed

Continuous cuts

Of course it could also happen that we have internet outages. This can be something momentary, that appears once or sporadically, but it could also become a continuous problem, constantly affecting navigation and preventing us from navigating normally.

Microcuts can affect us when making downloads, connecting to servers to play online or simply opening the browser and loading web pages. It is one of the problems caused by using a bad VPN.

We cannot access some services

Another thing to keep in mind is that a VPN that doesn’t work well can prevent us from using certain services or programs. For example, it could limit the use of online games or access to streaming video platforms.

When failures of this type appear, they are usually reflected in the use of common day-to-day programs. Errors when trying to access certain functions or even that cannot be opened.

Avoid accessing blocked services

On the other hand, beyond your own security and privacy, the use of a bad VPN could also affect the use of services that may be blocked or pages that we access because we are hiding the real IP. We must always check that the VPN is working properly.

It is very common for us to use this type of program precisely to bypass possible geoblocks. However, if it does not work well, we could have problems accessing them. It would be as if we did not have a VPN.

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