Someone has mixed LEGO, Sesame Street and Mad Max … and this has come out

When you think of a crossover for the great movie Mad Max: Fury RoadWhat comes to mind first? Exactly, Sesame Street. Or at least, that has occurred to an Instagram user and LEGO fan, to see what happens when you mix those three concepts that you never thought would go in the same sentence. And the result has been this …

The apocalypse has reached Sesame Street thanks to @farawaybricks, an Instagram user famous for using his LEGO’s to recreate scenes from Star wars, FullMetal Alchemist and… Sesame Street. But not just any Sesame Street, but a post-apocalyptic one set in Mad Max: Fury Road, the great movie of 2015.

And the truth is that it has not been bad at all, because it collects the best flavor of each thing.

Sesame Street 123 during the end of the world

It is clear that, if the world ends, and especially gasoline, the consequences would reach Sesame Street. That’s what some LEGO collectors think as farawaybricks, I suppose motivated by so much history of blackouts and the end of the world that run through social networks.

So nothing better than to go ahead and imagine what a world will be like in which Epi, Blas or Caponata put themselves Valhalla spray silver and go out with their vehicles to get the scrap metal, fuel and water they can … At any price.

The heart of its creation is undoubtedly the main building of the children’s series. Yes, quite crushed, as you can see in the photo above, because the end of the world does not respect anything. There, Elmo has set up a workshop on the ground floor and repairs his futuristic motorcycle. A motorcycle, by the way, that cannot deny where it got its inspiration from.

Elmo's motorcycle

Okay, here’s a hint just in case I’m the oldest in the place.

Kaneda's motorcycle

How are the characters of Sesame Street in Mad Max

Another of the most original creations is, without a doubt, the walker made of scrap metal and remains piloted by Óscar the Grouch without leaving his garbage can (which we assume is armored). With all the details and that sullen face that Oscar always has, Immortan Joe had better not cross his path.

And it is that, in the end, the Sesame Street gang has become one of the most dangerous gangs of this crossover according farawaybricks.

The Mad Max Sesame Gang

Oscar the Grouch has enlarged his garbage can with a robotic body, Elmo wields a dangerous blunderbuss, Blas a crossbow and Epi… Well, Epi is enforced with a frying pan in the Mad Max universe, so we don’t even want to imagine the kind of psychopath you have to be to stay alive there using just one pan.

Without a doubt, this mixture seemed unlikely, but the truth is that it has a charm that is difficult to match. At least we know that our beloved characters are still alive in the apocalypse and that Epi and Blas are still together, because the gasoline may have run out, but not the love.

Because yes, its creator already confirmed long ago what we all knew, of course they were a couple.

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