Sony is working on a controller capable of simulating hot and cold

Sony has just filed a new patent application. The document describes an unprecedented kind of haptic feedback for a Playstation controller. This technology would be able to simulate heat and cold.

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While we have just learned that Sony is working hard to develop a new portable console (responding to the code name Q Lite), a ResetEra user has just spotted a new patent application filed by the manufacturer in March 2023.

According to the document, Sony is obviously determined to go even further with one of the flagship features of the DualSense, namely haptic feedback. As a reminder, this technology offers next-generation 3D vibrations.

With this feature, the PS5 controller can simulate textures (like sand on Astrobot’s Playroom) or even specific sensations (the raindrops in Returnal For example). The goal is to reinforce the immersion of the player.

Sony is working on haptic feedback capable of simulating temperatures

However, as this patent shows, Sony is working on haptic feedback capable of emulating heat or cold, always with the idea of ​​transcribing what is happening on the screen. The documents mention a “deformable elastic material” able to better contribute to haptic feedback and detect when said element is touched, squeezed, twisted, pinched, crushed or rubbed.

Employing a magnetic fluid, the haptic feedback could simulate a different shape, hardness or temperature if the details provided by Sony are to be believed. Regarding the temperature, the use of a thermoelectric heat pump would be considered by the manufacturer.

The elastic element may comprise a material such as a gel whose elastic modulus or hardness changes under the effect of heat”. explains the Japanese firm. She continues: “The temperature control device can be controlled so that the greater the deformation, the higher the temperature rises. This allows the user to feel the temperature change corresponding to the deformation”.

patent dualsense heat

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An attractive idea on paper

From what we understand, so the player could have some control over this feature. By exerting more or less pressure on a dedicated area of ​​the controller, the user could therefore lower or increase the temperature felt.

If the very principle of this 2.0 haptic feedback is interesting, remains to be seen its possible impact on the battery and the autonomy of the controller, already far from famous on the DualSense. But like any patent, nothing says that this technology will one day be integrated into a product sold to the general public.

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