Soon you will not be able to play this Super Mario game anymore

Goodbye to Dr. Mario World

The October 31, 2021 Dr. Mario World will say goodbye definitively both in its version for iOS and Android terminals. Which means that on November 1 it will no longer be playable and will become the first Nintendo mobile title that the company closes.

Why? Well, because it is not profitable, although they should still get some extra lessons from this decision and buy it with other titles that have been launched that have proven very attractive for the interests of the company, although they are the least.

Of course, before talking about that, if for some reason you did not know Dr. Mario World yet, we will quickly tell you what it was about or about, because until November you can still play if you are curious. But we warn you since you don’t miss much either.

The base of Dr. Mario World is the same as that of the NES classic. That is, it offers puzzle-like mechanics where the objective is to kill all the viruses that appear on the screen using pills that you throw at them. That is to say, something similar to the popular Candy Crush saving the distances.

However, the game did not quite work due to problems with the progression of the games, the challenges and the incentives for being a title that you wanted to play over and over again. That was the failure along with abusing the integrated purchases of different elements if you wanted to advance or maintain some interest.

Therefore, this bad approach is what has led to trigger the decision to close the service and with it the possibility to play it until November 1 of this year 2021. But don’t worry, because you really don’t miss a lot either and the interesting thing would be for Nintendo to draw the right conclusions about what happened.

Nintendo and missed opportunities

We all know that if Nintendo really got on with it, their mobile games would be a hit. In the first place, because users would be willing to pay as they do for the versions of their consoles if they had the same quality and depth. And secondly, because current mobiles offer plenty of power so you don’t have to limit yourself to very simple things.

However, this is not what Nintendo seems to want to do. Dr. Mario World is the first to fall, but they could join more if they wanted because not even titles like Super Mario Run have managed to hook as is assumed to any title of the character.

Nintendo’s only hit on mobile devices that can’t be denied is e Fire Emblem Heroes. According to SensorTower the income level results are incredible And they show that when you don’t skimp, you can achieve incredible things. And no, these types of games do not harm those of consoles but quite the opposite. For a lot, they are discoveries that then lead them to get hooked on the rest of the saga or existing proposals on other platforms if that is the case. Or buying a Nintendo to continue enjoying Super Mario.

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