SpaceX Created an Intergalactic Portal-Shaped Spiral in the Sky, Here’s How

Is it a galaxy that popped up out of nowhere? An interdimensional portal through which extraterrestrials will establish contact? The craziest hypotheses concerning the origins of the spiral circulated for a few hours on the networks.

Credit: Christopher Hayden via AP

Lucky Alaskans, those who are entitled to the spectacle of one of the most impressive and beautiful astronomical phenomena in the world, the Northern Lights. Last Saturday, in the early morning, the skies of this region were not only veiled with these famous green lights, but they also revealed what looks like a blue spiral which could evoke the shape of a galaxy. THE images shared on the Web aroused admiration as well as slight apprehension.

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As often, scientists have taken it upon themselves to put an end to the debate about the origins of this spiral. The sky has certainly offered an unreal vision to some spectators, but the explanation for this phenomenon is all found. According to Professor Don Hampton of the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, this formation in the sky was simply due to SpaceX.

A SpaceX rocket created this spiral in the sky

SpaceX’s primary business is placing satellites and other payloads into orbit. The rockets used to transport these cargoes sometimes have to offload fuel. One of the company’s launchers, which took off last Friday to put 25 satellites into orbit, found itself in this situation. According to Professor Hampton, this spiral in the sky was simply the result of the outgassing of the Falcon 9 launched three hours earlier from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

“When they do that at high altitude, the fuel turns to ice. And since this formation is in the sunlight, when you are in the dark on the ground, you see it as a kind of big cloud, which sometimes swirls. Too bad for those who finally thought to have a meeting of the third type, the scientist affirms: “I can tell you that it is not a galaxy. It’s just water vapor reflecting sunlight.”

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