STARKVIND, we analyze one of the Ikea air purifiers

The purifiers Air cleaners increased in popularity as a result of the pandemic, but the truth is that their main strength is not the elimination of viruses and bacteria, but rather the cleaning of suspended particles from the air. A good option when it is not possible ventilate the stay or just with that is not worth it.

in 2020 Ikea began with its new range of air purifiers, which move away from looking like a mere technological device and are integrated into home decoration, covered in fabric and with basic colors when someone comes to your house and sees it, they will ask you what that is, They would expect it to be a speaker but no. The STARKVIND It is the latest model of air purifier. Within this range there are two models, one that also has a table function and another that remains fixed like a giant circle. In this analysis I have tried the latest launch, which is not a table, it is simply a large circle covered with fabric.

The reason why I decided to try one of these purifiers is because we have a new dog member in the family. Ajax is only 4 months old and until he receives the last dose of his vaccine he cannot go outside, so in the meantime he relieves himself at home, since I live in an apartment and it is winter, I was not very excited about the idea of ​​having constantly open, but ventilation these days is a much more pressing need. So it was the perfect time to try an air purifier.

The Ikea STARKVIND is a large purifier. It has a height of 53 cm by 51 cm, completely round and a depth of 1.50 cm and weighs about 7 kilos.. It is made of plastic and fabric, which gives it a very sober appearance and does not make it stand out from the rest of the decoration in the house. We can choose it in white or black. At first glance it may look like a sophisticated speaker or even a drum.

As a good Ikea product, it needs to be assembled to get started and is accompanied by its instruction booklet. The STARKVIND includes a double filter that absorbs PM 2.5 particles, airborne particles such as dust, pollen, or cigarette smoke. It also absorbs various gaseous pollutants, such as formaldehyde, which is found in some cleaning products. The filtering system is three layers, which captures 100% of large particles such as hair and fluff as for small particles PM 2.5, it absorbs 99.5% To mount the STARKVIND these filters will have to be placed and then the legs and supports of the purifier.


For the STARKVIND to work, it must be connected to the electrical current, which is why it includes a cable with a transformer. I really liked the detail in the design that the STARKVIND comes with a compartment to store part of the cable and of the transformation and that this is not thrown on the ground.

Once assembled, the operation of the STARKVIND is very simple. It has a single power button and a wheel in which we can choose the intensity of the work.

  • Level 1: 24 db for 50 m3
  • Level 2: 31 db for 110 m3
  • Level 3: 42 db for 180 m3
  • Level 4: 50 db for 240 m3
  • Level 5: 53 db for 260 m3

As we increase the power more, the electrical consumption will increase, which will do so progressively between 3W in the minimum mode and 33W in the maximum mode.

STARKVIND, we analyze one of the Ikea 32 air purifiers

It is also important to know when to clean or change the filters so that the purifier can perform at its best.

  • Pre-filter: Cleaning two to four weeks
  • Air quality sensor: Every 6 months
  • Particle filter: Replace every 6 months
  • Gas filter: Replace every 6 months

automatic mode For its part, it will select the fan speed based on the quality of the air thanks to the PM 2.5 particle meter. To replace the filter when the warning appears on the control panel, we must press the «reset» button that is inside, for at least three seconds until the indicator turns off.

Changing filters is very easy. Assembled, the STARKVIND has two parts: a disk located in the front part of the whole apparatus in which the filters and the motor are located. This first disc is held with folding hooks, raised the hooks and removed the disc we will only have to change the filters for new ones. The prefilter can be cleaned with a vacuum or with water, depending on how dirty it is. We will have to change the other filters for new ones if we see them very used, a new set of two filters costs 30 euros at Ikea.

STARKVIND, we analyze one of the Ikea 34 air purifiers

To have a global experience with this type of device, the ideal is that they return some type of information on air quality. In this case, the STARKVIND does not offer this information. If we want it to tell us how the air we breathe is and to turn on the purifier automatically or to do it from the mobile, we will need two more devices, the VINDRIKTNING air sensor and the TRÅDFRI device. connection that works with the Ikea Smart Home application and that allows us to control smart products from the mobile. In any case, our senses or prudence can be a good sensor of air quality. Since I do not have the Ikea sensors, I have verified its effectiveness with the Netatmo air quality sensor.

user experience

I consider that I have given the STARKVIND a difficult task, I had to clean the air where the feet accumulated in a pad for minutes, hours if I was not at home (if you want to have a puppy at home, keep this in mind and not everyone succeeds in the first in the soaker), so the purifier was practically on all day, although I also combined it by opening the window. After half an hour and with the door of the room open, he cleaned the accumulated odors.

Later I began to notice that I was beginning to have some allergies, I am allergic to pollen and it has not rained for a long time in Madrid and with the hair of a new dog it is normal that I begin to suffer episodes of runny nose. Since it’s not so cold anymore and I can keep the window open for longer, I decided to take the purifier from that room wherever I needed it, to check if it really did something with the hair, pollen and dust in suspension. I have been pleasantly surprised after a few minutes I can breathe freely without congestion, so I drag the purifier through each room of the house, as if it were an oxygen cylinder.

The STARKVIND costs €119 and the filters, which will have to be changed at least every 6 months, are €30. Even so, it seems to me a very good investment for people who are very allergic or who have to live with bad odors without the possibility of manually ventilating or for the outside air to be worse. either because it is cold or because pollution or more pollen enters the house. At Ikea we have another smaller option, the FÖRNUFTIG, more manageable and costs €94 and that it is also an option to consider if we do not have much budget or space at home.



A good solution for allergy sufferers with pets on spring days. It works simply and quickly.

Design and build quality8

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