Ted Lasso 3 will be the last season for Ted… or maybe not

Although I’m not a football lover, Ted Lasso is one of the series whose episodes are a regular appointment every Friday for me. The original Apple TV + series arrived on the video-on-demand platform in 2020 and, soon, we will already see the debut of a third season of Ted Lasso, which we know will conclude the story of Ted (but not necessarily end the show).

While we’ve come to love the show’s characters by now (yes, except of course Nate), it seems its creators have always had a three-season arc for Ted Lasso in mind. Now, with the success of the series, also winner of 7 Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe, things could take longer than expected.

Will Ted Lasso 3 end Ted’s story… or will the series continue?

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, one of the show’s creators and showrunner of the series, Bill Lawrence, spoke about the future of the series, explaining:

“I would like the show to continue. But it will only go on as long as (Sudeikis) feels it is an interesting thing for him, not only to do creatively and professionally, but also on a personal level. People forget he’s a guy with two kids and he’s a great dad, and taking your life to London for half the year is hard. “

Lawrence then went on to add:

“(When) we started, we plotted the beginning, middle and end of a three-season arc for everyone (the characters). This story will end next year, regardless, even if the show will find another story to tell and it will go on “

It therefore seems that the decision to continue or not with the series and the characters we know will be up to the star and creator of the show, Jason Sudeikis, along with the rest of the cast and writers; because it is clear that Apple has great success on its hands and will be willing to give the show as many seasons as it wants.

“I do not know. I hope so”, continued Lawrence, admitting that the idea of ​​ending a hit show after just 34 episodes seems odd. “I like all of these characters and would definitely enjoy continuing to live with (the character of Ted Lasso). But he’s (Jason’s) character ”.

Lawrence says Sudeikis will make a decision about the show’s future in a “timely fashion” as the series’ cast and writers recently renegotiated their deals to secure sizable pay rises that were possible with an option to continue Ted Lasso beyond third. season. Meanwhile, Lawrence – who is also in the midst of renegotiating his deal with main studio, Warner Bros. TV – is struggling with the urge to think about Ted Lasso’s future, including potential spin-offs.

“I don’t think anything is decided, but out of respect, we will wait”, he revealed when asked about potential spin-offs. “None of us are worried that Jason understands what he wants to do. And when it does, we’ll start talking about all those things. “

Do you need a bit of Ted Lasso’s typical optimism in those parts?

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