Telegram downloads are very slow: how to speed them up

For almost a decade, Telegram has become the favorite messaging application for millions of users since, since its launch, it has offered functions that they were not on whatsapp and that, today, they are still not there and they are not expected.

One of the most common uses of Telegram is to use it as a cloud storage platform, to always have the files we need at hand from any device, since it also has an application for Windows, Linux and macOS. However, the download speed is not the best of all, especially when it comes to large files.

Telegram allows us to store files of up to 2 GB of space, which makes it an excellent platform to access content protected by copyright through the different channels available. However, we need several minutes and a lot of patience to download the contentunless we pay for Telegram Premium.

What Telegram Premium offers us

Telegram Premium is the subscription to this messaging platform that offers us additional functions that are not available in the free version. This payment method does not limit functions that were already available, as some developers do, but has added features for which many users are encouraged to pay every month.

One of the advantages of paying for Telegram Premium is the possibility of speeding up the download of content. While the normal version limits the speed of both uploading and downloading the files, this modality does not establish any limitation so we can take advantage of all our connection speed to upload and download files quickly and easily.

In addition, it also increases the maximum size of the files that we can upload to the platform up to 4 GB (it is not necessary to be a Premium user to download these larger files), offers a function for convert voice messages to text (it could already be available on WhatsApp), exclusive stickers, the possibility of adding an animated profile photo (this function was available in the free version), a badge on the profile (similar to Twitter), it does not show any type of group announcements, custom emojis, advanced privacy settings for voicemails plus real time translation both in chats and channels.

If we want to sign up for the paid version of Telegram, we can do it from the application itself or use the @PremiumBot bot. If we use the latter, it will cost us much less money, up to 40% cheaper, since it is not subject to the commission that both Apple and Google keep for using their payment gateway. The monthly price, from the application for iOS and Android, of Telegram Premium is 4.49 euros per year, a price that is reduced to 2.83 euros per month if we contract a full year from the application. From the application, the monthly price is 3.19 euros.

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