The Apple Watch Series 7 lowers its price on Amazon Take advantage of the offer!

When talking about smart watches or smartwatches, Apple’s must always be included in the list of the best options that a user who has an iPhone can have. Well, all those who were waiting for a Series 7 discount to buy it are in luck, since it is available on Amazon with very interesting discounts. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discounts available

Neither the Apple Watch Series 7 nor any other Apple device usually have discounts through the physical or online stores of the Cupertino company. However, this does not prevent other large multinationals such as Amazon from offering discounts on these products to the public. It’s strange because really, who is selling the device is not Amazon, it’s Apple through Amazon. However, the important thing is that all those who want to save a good amount of money on the purchase of an Apple Watch can do so thanks to the following discounts.

  • Apple Watch 41mm
    • GPS version
      • Red color (Product RED): 18 euros discount.
      • Blue color: 45 euros discount.
      • White star color: 30 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 34 euros discount.
      • Green color: 30 euros discount.
    • GPS + Cellular Version
      • Red color (Product RED): 50 euros discount.
      • Blue color: 50 euros discount.
      • Star white color: 70 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 57 euros discount.
      • Green color: 70 euros discount.

  • Apple Watch 45mm
    • GPS version
      • Red color (Product RED): 60 euros discount.
      • Blue color: 56 euros discount.
      • Star white color: 54 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 30 euros discount.
      • Green color: 56 euros discount.
    • GPS + Cellular Version
      • Red color (Product RED): 60 euros discount.
      • Blue color: 50 euros discount.
      • Star white color: 50 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 60 euros discount.
      • Green color: 60 euros discount.

Apple Watch Series 7 highlights

The Apple Watch Series 7 was a model that supposed a jug of cold water for all those who expected a renewal of the design of this watch. However, it is a really complete device that delights all those who are lucky enough to enjoy it on a daily basis, being not only a great technological device, but also a piece of equipment that helps people to be healthier. .

Apple Watch S7 charging

In addition to all the sensors it has, giving the possibility of measure blood oxygenthe beats or make a ECGthe great novelty of this Apple Watch Series 7 is in the battery, and not in the duration but in how fast you will be able to charge it. It has fast charging, and this makes a considerable difference compared to its predecessors. Also enjoy the Always On display, and new 45 and 41mm screen sizes.

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