The best deals of the week of Black Friday 2021 on Amazon

The great week of offers of the year has arrived and today we are going to dedicate our shopping special to a selection with the most attractive of Black Friday 2021 on Amazon.

And it is that compared to its original approach of physical store, in regions such as Europe, electronic commerce accumulates a large part of the offers of these days and in the shopping online is where you usually find the best discounts.

After the special we dedicate to another of the large Spanish retailers, PcComponentes (with significant discounts on a large part of its product catalog, personal computers, components, peripherals, accessories …) and a general Pre-Black Friday preview of the best deals on Other retailers, we go with the retailer that sells the most in Spain.

Black Friday 2021 on Amazon

The week of Black promises offers of up to 50% discount on its entire catalogBoth what Amazon sells directly and the hundreds of third-party retailers that work on its platform. As usual, there are thousands of promotional items, with more or less discounts and it is convenient to value them so as not to be mistaken. Amazon offers the known advantages for subscribers of its Prime service such as fast and free shipping, in addition to completely free financing for four months or a longer period if you need it with a low interest rate.

In addition to maintaining the return policy (outstanding Amazon in this section), the guarantee of products purchased in these promotions is the same as at any other time of the year. We are going with a selection of the best that we have found, although you should take into account the warning that we already gave you: in general, prices are higher than in previous years due to the increase in costs in production and distribution of chips, and the lack of inventory due to the closure of plants in the pandemic.

Amazon devices

If there is something attractive to buy this week at the e-commerce giant, it is its own devices, the lowest with discounts that go beyond what is offered for the general catalog, the -62% discount. In addition to selling them massively, Amazon uses them to make its Black campaign more attractive. There is everything, but as a summary:

  • Fire TV Stick, the best basic streamer on the market, is priced at 22 euros. The Lite model is even cheaper, while if you want 4K it is also reduced to 38 euros.
  • The 3rd generation Echo Dot, the most basic of these assistants, is at a “knockdown” price: 18 euros.
  • The best quality / price tablets on the market are also on offer. From the Fire 7 for 49 euros to the FireHD 10 for 129 euros.
  • The new Echo Show attendees launched this year also have good discounts: 84 euros.
  • Good opportunity to buy a Kindle e-book reader, such as the new Paperwhite model for 114 euros. The previous and most basic model has been lowered to 69 euros.
  • If you are looking for security cameras, Amazon offers its Blink from 22 euros.

Personal computers


Components (edit)

  • Large selection of internal components on sale. Many SSDs, RAM, power supplies or cooling systems.
  • Price drop of the Samsung 870 QVO SSD, the 1 TB version for only 77 euros.
  • Good deal and good motherboard is this ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-F GAMING WIFI, for 186 euros.
  • Another discount is the MSI MAG X570S TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI, for 236 euros.
  • External storage in promotion. We see USB drives, pen drives or microSD from SanDisk, WD, Samsung, Lexar …
  • Offers on Corsair PC components, ATX boxes, supplies, fans …

Monitors and televisions

  • Huge selection of monitors, with a hundred models on offer of varying sizes, features and prices. You can find from BenQ, Xiaomi, HP, Samsung, MSI, ASUS, AOC, and others.
  • 25% discount on TVs from Samsung, Philips, Sony, LG, Xiaomi and more.
  • Monitor for esport this MSI Optix G272 – Monitor 27 ″ FullHD 144Hz, for 219 euros.
  • Great offer for this LG OLED OLED65B1-ALEXA 2021, a high-end 4K 65 ″ OLED greatly reduced to 1,429 euros.

Peripherals and accessories

  • Huge selection of discounted peripherals from all manufacturers, Logitech, Trust, HyperX, Newskill.
  • Razer Deals on Black Friday. Headphones, mice, keyboards or speakers with good discounts.
  • Discover the offers in PC gaming accessories from Corsair, with chairs, keyboards, headphones …
  • Sound bar deals from Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and others.
  • Offers on Apple Beats helmets and headphones, from 109 euros.
  • Newskill Kitsune – Professional gaming chair for 119 euros.
  • Offers in connectivity and smart home, routers, access points, hub, and others from TP-Link, D-Link, ASUS or Philips.
  • Discounts on Speakers and Headphones: JBL, Sennheiser, Bose and others.
  • Nice sets of steering wheels and pedals these from Thrustmaster on sale.
  • Discounts on cameras, lenses and accessories from Sony, DJI, Tamron and others.


The above is a simple selection of all the offers that the retailer has active during this week and other flash offers (with greater discounts, but for a limited time) that will be renewed in the coming days, until November 29, which last the discounts of the Black Friday 2021 on Amazon.

The best deals of the week of Black Friday 2021 on Amazon 31

Note: This selection contains some links from our affiliates, but none of the products included have been proposed or recommended by them or their manufacturers, but chosen at our own discretion.

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