The best premieres of Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Filmin and Movistar + to enjoy the weekend

Last weekend, coinciding with the end of the holidays, the streaming platforms They preferred to release little news and let all of us enjoy those last days of vacation before returning to the routine. But it seems that this tranquility is over and we will have some very interesting premieres to enjoy the weekend. Of course, if none of these releases convinces you, during the week some new features have been incorporated, such as, for example, Eternals on Disney + or the second season of the series Euphoria. So you have a lot of options to rest at home this weekend thanks to these new releases in Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Filmin and Movistar +.

New releases on Netflix

Like every week, Netflix prepares us some interesting releases and it is that it has chosen Friday as the last day to launch its latest releases.

The House

One of the most compelling releases of this week is undoubtedly the eccentric black comedy about a house and three surreal stories by individuals who decided to make it their home. The curious thing about this premiere is that it is directed by the most prominent figures in independent stop-motion animation: Emma de Swaef and Marc Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr and Paloma Baeza. It is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated releases.

Release date: January 14

Stock 81

Stock 81 tells the story of Dan Turner (played by Mamoudou Athie), an archivist who accepts a commission to restore a collection of video tapes from 1994. As he reconstructs the work of documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi), Dan immerses himself in the investigation she carried out on a dangerous cult in the Visser apartment block. As the season progresses along those two timelines, Dan’s obsession with finding out what happened to Melody grows little by little. Until there is a mysterious connection between the two characters and Dan believes he can save Melody from the terrifying end she suffered 25 years ago.

Release date: January 14


Gabriel, the protagonist of the story, has little hair, little money and little faith. When his best friend Melisa asks him to be the donor to have a child, he sees an opportunity to become a father, be a better person, abandon his uneven career as a comedian and resume his artistic ambitions. But his old frustrations sabotage him and his dreams shatter. Thus, finally, it finds its place in the world.

Release date: January 14

Other premieres:

  • After Life, Season 3 (January 14)
  • Riverdance: The Animated Adventure, Season 1 (January 14)

Premieres on HBO Max

In the case of HBO Max, it seems that they have wanted to bet on the big premieres during the week. This means that this weekend we will not have any interesting premiere on the platform, although we have been able to see them during the week, such as, for example, the case of the second season of Euphoria, which premiered last Monday, January 10, and has already been a success.

In addition to Euphoria, on HBO Max we have also been able to enjoy the new premiere of Superman & Lois, in its second season, of Batwoman in the third season and The peacemaker.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon leaves us for this weekend one of the most anticipated releases, the fourth installment of Hotel Transilvania, a great movie to watch with the family.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformanía

After suffering many delays, and this film had the release date of Christmas 2020, the fourth installment of Hotel transylvania. Of course, these delays have meant that the film does not appear on the big screen but, directly, is released on small platforms, specifically on Amazon Prime Video.

Release date: January 14

In addition to this premiere, on Amazon Prime Video we will be able to see the movie of The last big scam, a film of the year 2020 in which we will see Robert de Niro playing Max Barber, a Hollywood film producer of series B films who, after the failure of his last premiere, has an outstanding debt with the boss of the local mafia , played by Morgan Freeman.

Disney +, weekend premieres

After the premiere of Eternals in the middle of the week, Disney + has decided to take the weekend calmly, hence why we will not see much news on the platform.

Jojo rabbit

Jojo “Rabbit” Betzler is a lonely German boy who belongs to the Hitler Youth and who sees his world change when he sees that his mother, Rosie, hides a Jewish girl in the attic. Jojo must confront his blind nationalism with the contradictions of a totally absurd war.

Release date: January 14


As happens every week, Filmin is the platform that presents the most premieres during the weekend so that we can have a good time at home, especially if we are confined. Of course, it seems that all the premieres, except for a couple of them, will take place on January 14, that is, today Friday, so you can already make your list for the weekend.

  • ‘Errata’ (Friday)
  • ‘Indes galantes’ (Friday)
  • ‘Osa’ (Friday)
  • ‘Ómnibus’ (Friday)
  • ‘The Monopoly of Violence’ (Friday)
  • ‘The belly of the sea’ (Friday)
  • ‘Nadia, Butterfly’ (Friday)
  • ‘Metaciervo’ (Friday)
  • ‘Lune’ (Friday)
  • ‘The horizon’ (Friday)
  • ‘Crazy about life’ (Friday)
  • ‘Macabre dances, skeletons and other fantasies’ (Friday)
  • ‘Arica’ (Friday)
  • ‘Dorothy’s Demons’ (Friday)
  • ‘Courteous Love’ (Friday)
  • ‘The Ugly Ducklings’ (Friday)
  • ‘Love hurts’ (Friday)
  • ‘Horacio’ (Friday)
  • ‘Malabar’ (Friday)
  • ‘Mido and the instrumales’ (Friday)
  • ‘Hold me tight’ (Friday)
  • ‘The lover’ (Friday)
  • ‘Dustin’ (Friday)
  • ‘Like before’ (Friday)
  • ‘Soms. They and Beget ‘(Sunday)
  • ‘Operation Buffalo’ (Sunday)

Movistar +

In Movistar + we will have premieres every day of the weekend, both movies, series or documentaries, so it will be very interesting to take a look at the catalog these days.

The discovery of witches

This weekend comes the premiere of the third season of The discovery of witches, a series based on the first book of trilogy All Souls, a saga written by Deborah Harkness that began in 2008. The story revolves around Diana Bishop, a witch who wants to have a quiet life away from magic, but it seems that this it will not be possible

Release date: January 14

  • ‘In a neighborhood in New York’ (Saturday)
  • ‘In the Earth’ (Sunday)
  • ‘Manuel Carrasco. From the beach ‘(Friday)
  • ‘Sevillanas de Brooklyn’ (Friday)

These are the most outstanding premieres to see during the weekend, which one will you end up choosing?

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