The consulting firm Globant becomes the latest victim of Lapsus$

It seems that the arrest of seven of its alleged members in the United Kingdom a few days ago has not stopped the activity of the hacker group slip$which just confirmed its latest victim: the consulting firm Globant. It is thus added to the list of technology companies that have already suffered attacks from the group, among which are Okta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Samsung. Globant has confirmed that it has suffered an attack, and has «detected that a limited section of our company’s code repository has been subject to unauthorized access«.

The members of Lapsus$, who, they say, have «back from vacation«, They have published a 70 GB torrent file on their Telegram channel with data that they claim to be from Globant. Among other things, they ensure that it includes the source code of their business clients. In addition, they have also published a list of access credentials that the company used to access the platforms on which it stores its source code. These include Github, Jira, Crucible, and Confluence.

Before posting the file, Lapsus$ also shared several screenshots of a file directory containing the names of some companies believed to be Globant clients. They are between them Facebook, Citibank, BNP Paribas, DHL and C Span. They are some of the ones that may have information, since Globant has clients of the stature of the United Kingdom Police, Autodesk or Electronic Arts.

Evidently, Globant’s customers are concerned, and some, like Autodesk, are investigating the extent of the data leak, according to Techcrunch. Meanwhile, Globant claims that the information hackers have accessed is limited to some source code and project-related documentation from a very limited number of its clients. Furthermore, they have found no evidence that other areas of their infrastructure system, or that of their clients, have been affected. They also point out that they have activated their security protocols and are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident, as well as taking strict measures to prevent further incidents of this type.

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