The first companies are registered to offer the Digital Toolkit, led by Vodafone

Yesterday, announced the program Digital Toolkit, as part of financial aid package for SMEs and the self-employed affected by the Covid. The information about it will be collected on the AceleraPymes platform, where those interested will have to do a diagnostic test to know your level of digitization and access the DTK packages.

Said packages they are a marketplace of products and technological services that will be offered by the companies that register as “Digitizing Agents”. As reported in theobjective, we would already have the first group of agents, led by Vodafone and which would include Beedigital, Atos, Satec, Fractalia, Billin, Ozein, Wolters Kluwer, 3G and Sesame.

This group will offer itself to SMEs to train and offer digital tools to help SMEs and freelancers in their processes. Among these companies we find developers of ERP, CRM, electronic invoicing, networks, web pages, online marketing, etc. Ultimately, the goal is to participate in all phases of the digital transformation of small businesses. The consortium wants to become a one-stop shop where users not only find advice and financing, but also the implementation of customized solutions.

Calls and dates

The first call will be endowed with about 500 million, for companies with between 10 and 49 workers. All the information will be posted on the AceleraPyme portal, which has been adapted and updated with the entire range of economic services for SMEs, with the idea of ​​turning it into a digital hub.

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This information will be accessible from the digital platform, but also in person, thanks to a network of more than 100 offices distributed throughout the Spanish geography that will help clarify doubts but, above all, reduce bureaucracy.

The grants will be of up to 12,000 euros per company and will materialize through the delivery of a digital voucher valid for 24 months. The term of presentation of applications will be of, at least, three months from the publication of the call in the BOE or until exhaustion of the credit.

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