AEDAF indicates that the new Corporation Tax harms investment in R & D & i

The AEDAF, Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, has sent a proposal for amendments to the Draft Law of General State Budgets 2022. The document contains, specifically, some technical corrections to the modifications foreseen for the Corporation Tax in said bill to avoid the “possible perverse effects that this minimum taxation could produce in other tax incentives or special regimes usually used by our companies ”.

According to AEDAF experts, the new regulation of this point impairs investment in R & D & i activities, in addition to discouraging job creation. In the event that the minimum fee is applicable, “The deductions approved in Law 14/2013, of September 27, on Support to Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization, will be limited in their application, so the taxpayer will not have an incentive to make this type of investment, so necessary for the sustainable future of the Spanish economy ”.

In the same way, in the current economic environment it is not advisable to discourage job creation, hence it is proposed that deductions for job creation contemplated in article 37 of the Law do not affect the minimum tax quota “, they add.

Another aspect that AEDAF highlights in its proposal has to do with the reduction of the bonus to the benefits of housing rental entities, that, they assure, “It must be accompanied by technical improvements, to avoid double taxation, which would disable this special regime to attract investors.”

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The entity also proposes, among other measures, that “the minimum taxation applies in the same terms to taxpayers who pay under the individual regime and those who pay under the tax consolidation regime “ to respect the principle of fiscal neutrality that must govern the Corporation Tax.

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