The iPad I always wanted, at an incredible price

The iPad Pro with its M2 chip is one of the most complete devices that Apple has within its entire range of equipment focused on productivity and work. However, one of its main handicaps is that its price is really high, which can even reach a price similar to the MacBook Air and exceed 2,000 euros if we add all the accessories and a bit of customization. However, if you had in mind buying the true replacement for a Mac, you are in Congratulationssince on Amazon we found it at an incredible price.

Discount available on the 11-inch iPad Pro

The rise in prices of the fourth generation of iPad is evident, with an entry price above 1,000 euros and that can be increased much more if you have to add accessories such as the keyboard and the Apple Pencil.

However, its price could also be understood since they are equipment that is designed for productivity and professional work, hence they equip the 2nd generation Apple Siliconwhich gives it power and performance that is truly comparable to the entry-level MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

We also have to emphasize that when you buy a device with these characteristics, you are looking for a product that offers you a great performance for many yearstherefore, you recover every euro of the investment.

As you already know, Apple does not usually make discounts on its products, so we always have to go to third-party platforms, where Amazon is one of the best options and, for this reason, we bring an offer that won’t make you think twice before purchasing this device.

  • iPad Pro 11-inch with 128 GB of storage It has a 7% discount.
    • Silver color: 1354 euros.
    • Space gray color: 1354 euros

Power to change everything

The hardware of this device makes it a particularly interesting product for professionals, companies and freelancers who are looking for equipment to match their work and that allows them to work with a exquisite fluidity with the applications you use, such as the Adobe suite, Figma, or video editing such as Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve. To all this, we have to add the iPad operating system, iPadOS, a software that has significantly improved the way we work with it.

Finally, we have to add the incredible features of the Second generation Apple Pencilwhich greatly facilitates the work both in writing texts and in photo editing, where one of the main functions of this new generation is that it allows you to learn about previous form how the result will be before it is executed in the project, an aspect that greatly facilitates the work when you have to constantly carry out color calibration tests. So don’t think twice and buy this fourth generation of iPad Pro, the most professional generation in the tablet segment.

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