The new Apple Watch could already have a release date

On September 14, while the brand new iPhone 13, iPad mini 6 and iPad 2021 were presented, there was also room for the Apple Watch Series 7. However, this is the only one of these new devices that is not yet on the market. However, based on leaks, you may already have a scheduled pre-purchase date. Here we tell you more information about this.

Several sources point to this Friday as a key day

The well-known and controversial Apple analyst, Jon Prosser, is usually always one of the most authoritative voices to talk about future Apple devices. While it is true that he has some flaws to his credit, such as precisely those of the design of the Apple Watch Series 7, it is also true that he was not the only one to err on this point. And according to other leaks that have ended up being true, their information should be analyzed at the very least.

As he explained last week, reservations could open on Friday, October 8, which would indicate that the official launch as such would be for Friday of the following week (October 15). Also some emails sent by Hermes, a brand that offers straps for Apple watches, also indicated that date as a possible reservation day. All this is information that, we emphasize again, is far from official. However, it would not be unreasonable either. At the moment Apple continues to set “autumn” on its website for the launch of this watch, without clarifying further information.

Why has it been so late?

The technology industry is going through a difficult time due to the component shortage. While some like Samsung are forced to cancel some devices, others like Apple try to figure out how not to leave their planned launches behind. It is the case of this Apple Watch Series 7, of which it was said months ago that it would come with some delay for this reason.

And although before its presentation there were those who commented that the supply problem had been solved, we can already verify that it has not been the case. Sources close to Apple’s assembly line indicate that the specific problem is in the display supply. We recall that in addition to this year’s model there have been changes in this section, further expanding the useful part of the panels and making it impossible to reuse stocks from previous generations.

So we still find a new smartwatch from the Californian brand that, despite these rumors that we discussed, still does not have a set date, at least publicly. We will remain attentive these days to any possible information that may arise in this regard, since if it is finally Friday when they can be booked, the company could announce it a few days before.

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