The possible storage of the iPhone 13, will you still want it?

Bad news for those who expected changes

As we said before, the data that is known so far about the iPhone 13 are not official. However, there are already several analysts and sources close to Apple who have been affirming in recent weeks that there will be no variations with respect to the iPhone 12 presented at the end of last year. It was said at one point that they would have up to 1 TB in the ‘Pro’ models, but it seems that finally it will not be like that.

That rumor of the storage tera also came according to the changes introduced in the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, which went from having 64 GB of base as usual to having 128 GB. I did not therefore disregard that the change was now made from above, but except capital surprise, it does not seem that we are finally going to find these changes.

Therefore, the capacities would be identical which we already know in the latest flagships of the brand, having these possibilities:

  • iPhone 13 mini:
  • iPhone 13:
  • iPhone 13 Pro:
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max:

iphone 13 renders

And although we insist on emphasizing that, despite being complicated at this point, these data could change, where if there will be no changes under any circumstances is to reduce the minimum capacities. Until now Apple has been increasing that base memory little by little and has never gone back. Therefore in the standard models we will not see anything below 64 GB just as we will not see a ‘Pro’ with less than 128 GB.

It goes without saying that, as is customary for Apple and all phone brands, the price will increase depending on the capacity chosen. Rumors also point to the same starting prices as in the iPhone 12, so it would not be surprising that the intermediate and maximum capacities do not vary either.

Are these data really bad news?

On the basis that each user has their own opinion based on the use they make of their terminal, the truth is that this news will be received well and badly in almost equal parts. If finally there are no changes, there will be those who do not worry about having enough of it thanks to the existence of numerous tricks to free memory in iOS.

However, there will be others who frown upon these null changes given the shortage of 64 GB today, since not everyone is willing to pay for cloud storage services. And it is that, we remember, that no iPhone supports memory expansion neither by means of MicroSD cards nor in the technical service, so these possibilities are not visible for these new terminals.

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