The tender moment when a child with a disability removes the skullcap from Pope Francis | VIDEO

During the general audience at the Vatican of this Wednesday, October 20, a disabled child appeared unexpectedly in front of the Pope Francisco for ask for the white skullcap, so the collaborators of the Supreme Pontiff ended up making him happy and giving him one.

The boy, about 10 years old, “circumvented” the security made up of two policemen who were guarding the Paul VI classroom and took the stand alone; then he approached Pope Francis while he was greeting the pilgrims, and asked him the famous white silk cap worn only by Popes.

It was then that Francisco took him by the hands, smiled at him and talked; then the little boy sat for a moment in the chair reserved for the regent of the Prefecture of the Pontifical House, Leonardo Sapienza, before the amused gaze of the Pope, who never stopped smiling patiently.

But the boy’s intention, as he indicated on several occasions by pointing to Francisco’s head, was to get hold of the pontiff’s white skullcap. Finally after he was gifted one, rhe left satisfied with his mother, who was among the several thousand faithful present in the classroom.

The Pope values ​​children’s freedom

Just before beginning the catechesis, Pope Francis commented to the pilgrims: “This child had the freedom to approach and move as if he were at home,” he said, “I thank you for this lesson” because “children do not have an automatic translator from heart to life“He explained after asking for” the Lord to help him in his limitation and in his growth. “

Other children also in the past also became protagonists of the Supreme Pontiff’s audience by freely walking on the platform near the Pope and even sitting in the chair destined for Francis, who has always stated that he values ​​the freedom and spontaneity of the little ones. .

With information from AFP and EFE


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