These are the Pokémon games you should try on your mobile

Pokémon Unite and its arrival on mobile

One of the games most anticipated by thousands of fans of the saga is Pokémon Unite. Since it was announced until its recent launch for Nintendo Switch it has aroused a lot of interest, so now the mobile version is expected with even more enthusiasm that will arrive in September. Because it will allow you to play anywhere and with a device that we always carry with us if not always.

However, if you are a bit confused and have not yet heard anything about this title, it is a MOBA-type video game. That is, it is similar to the popular League of Legends where you form a team with four more players to face another rival.

Thus, this game changes the traditional mechanics of the Pokémon saga quite a bit. Because you are not a single trainer with several Pokémon in your team, here you are one of a team of five who must choose their Pokémon based on the strategies you want to develop to defeat your rivals. And all those battles will take place on a map with different areas that you will have to protect or attack.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, we recommend that you give it a try and draw your own conclusions. So you will be clear whether or not when it reaches mobile phones is a title for you.

The best Pokémon games for mobile devices

While we are still waiting for Pokémon Unite for iOs and Android, knowing that mobile phones have become the number one leisure option for many, let’s talk about the different Pokémon games that you can enter on these platforms.

Options that are sure to help you discover new ways to enjoy the saga. What’s more, some of them are so different that as a fan we think you should at least try. These are at our discretion, the best Pokémon games for mobile.

Pokemon go

If there is a Pokémon title for mobile devices known and almost mandatory to try, it is undoubtedly Pokémon Go. This augmented reality game is a completely different bet, because you will have to use your mobile to capture the Pokémon that you find while walking through your usual area of ​​residence or anywhere else you are.

What’s more, that AR (Augmented Reality) combination with the fact of having to exercise while moving from one point to another looking for Pokémon to capture has been one of the successes of the game and the reason why even those who had never played them ended up hooked.

Pokémon TCG Online

Pokémon TCG Online is a trading card game in the style of Hearthstone and similar where you will have to build a deck with which you will fight against other Pokémon trainers. It is an interesting proposal, although it has the disadvantage of only being present for Android tablets, iPad and Windows and Mac computers.

That is to say, it is not a game that you can enjoy on your mobile as if it happens with other card games, that limits a bit, but if you have a tablet it is quite fun. You can download any of the available versions of this game from here, even the mobile ones.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Similar to the popular Candy Crush, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is a game where you have to overcome levels by placing the different Pokémon to form lines of three or more and making them disappear while you accumulate points. Thus, with all that and a freemium gaming system that, at times, can be a bit annoying due to the need to pay to advance, the truth is that it is addictive.

Available for Android and iOS

Pokémon Quest

Come tour Isla Rodacubo! This is how they welcome and encourage you to play this other Pokémon title that challenges you to explore an island with a team of three Pokémon. Although you will not only have to go from one place to another, creating your own base will be the same or more important, because through this you will be able to attract more creatures to your ranks.

Of course, keep in mind that the battles are in real time, which is different than usual, but it is still fun. You can download Pokémon Quest here.

Pokémon Master EX

Another interesting title for fans of Pikachu and other creatures is Pokémon Master EX. This game shares classic elements of the series published for Nintendo consoles and adds others that differentiate it.

The idea here is to tour the artificial island of Passio while participating in three-on-three team matches. Thus, through the pair of compis, the name by which the combination of trainer and Pokémon is known, you can play in a somewhat different way.

Available for both iOS and Android, the truth is that it is a game that to some extent we could say that it has served to inspire others. So it would not be bad to give it a try, but remember that it is also a game with in-app purchases despite being free to play and download.

Get Pokémon Master EX here for iOS and Android.

Pokémon PlayHouse

Finally, the smallest of the house can also be attracted to the Pokémon universe. The problem is that for them, even more so if they don’t know how to read well yet, is that enjoying more complex proposals where you have to know the characteristics of each Pokémon, their attacks, etc., is complicated.

Hence Pokémon PlayHouse be a video game in which the little ones will only have to choose Pokémon to interact with it while they explore different places. So if there are little ones at home and you want them to enjoy it, you can install it on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Pokémon for all tastes

There is no doubt that Pokémon is a very special saga and hence there is practically a proposal for each type of player, from those who know the saga by heart to those who have only played a couple of titles or even did not know anything until now. .

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