these programs help your PC last longer

If we have decided to buy a new computer, taking into account the prices that these devices have on most occasions, we want it to last for many years. For this we can use a series of programs that will help us to increase the useful life of these equipments.

And it is that sometimes the financial outlay we make on these computers, whether based on mobility or fixed, is quite high. This means in most cases that we cannot go around renewing the computer every few months. Therefore, from the first day we must try to do certain maintenance tasks to take care of it and thus improve its useful life. If it is portable, it goes without saying that we must transport it carefully, avoid shock, water or sudden movements.

But along these same lines we are going to focus on a series of programs that are also going to help us to upgrade equipment and increase your life. In addition, the use of these applications that we will discuss below will be very useful and you will surely appreciate it over time. And not only that, since we are going to talk about free programs to increase the useful life of your laptop.

portable battery

Programs to take care of the battery of a laptop

If we opt for a laptop, one of the most important elements when it comes to taking care of its useful life is the state of the battery. This component will be the most influential when it comes to being able to use our equipment without having to be connected to the power supply. This means that we must take care of this element with programs such as BatteryInfoView.

This is a software for laptops that is responsible for showing us the current state of our battery in order to manage it properly. In addition, it provides us with a good amount of useful data on this component and helps us improve the charge cycles. Another similar option that we can try in this regard is BatteryCare, which will also allow us to increase the useful life of the laptop’s battery.

Optimize the system to improve the equipment

Most of the laptops we come across right now are centered around a windows operating system. To increase the life of the equipment as such, we can also use certain system optimization programs. In this way the consumption of resources will be more optimized, overheating will be avoided and much more. All not to mention achieving a more optimized use of disk drives.

A clear example of all this can be found in the free application BleachBit. This is a very veteran solution focused on optimizing Windows that offers us a multitude of categories to improve the operation of the operating system. This way we can take better care of our computer, which will directly influence it to last us longer.

We can also take advantage of the software called Glary Utilities, it has a user interface that is more in line with the times that also run with a multitude of categories to manage and optimize windows.

Take care of your laptop screen

Without a doubt, one of the most important elements of any computer is the screen that it presents to us. Therefore, it is also something that we must take special care of in order to increase the useful life of our equipment. A clear example of all this can be found with the f.lux application, which in addition to take care of our sightallows us to manage the maximum brightness, contrast and colorimetry of this important component.

Another software that will also not be of help when it comes to managing the brightness and color of our screen is Lightbulb.

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