They find a woman with at least 50 stab wounds; he had a message carved on his body

A 40-year-old woman was found dead together with his dog in a park in Georgia, United States. The corpse of Katherine janness I had at least 50 stabs and had a message written that the murderer carved on his body with a knife.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Katherine’s body was found by her girlfriend in the local park where she and the victim lived. According to the autopsy, it revealed that the woman had been stabbed several times and suffered at least 15 cuts to his head.

In addition to being stabbed, Katherine was also injured with a message that the murderer marked on his chest: “Fat woman” was what was marked on his body made with a sharp object, according to reports from the forensic doctor revealed by the NY Times.

Katherine had a normal weight with a body mass of 25, and a half 1.67 m and weighed 70 kilos, so it is not clear why someone would have written that word on the woman’s body.

Katherine’s death, still no suspects

The forensic report indicated that the cause of death of Katherine was due to having received injuries “of acute force in face, neck and torso that caused injuries to the main blood vessels and internal organs ”.

The FBI maintains a priority search to find the culprit (s) of the woman’s death, “The report is extremely heartbreaking to read and know the exact nature of what Katie endured in her last moments on this Earth, “he said in a statement.

Katherine Janness’s girlfriend began to worry that her partner had taken a long time to return from walking their pet, so started your search through a tracking app of cell phones. He finally managed to find her but it was too late.

There is currently no suspect in the murder of Janness and the feminicide investigation still open.

With information from the NY Times.


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