They find the ultimate glitch to fly in Zelda Breath of the Wild

How to fly in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The trick comes once again thanks to the investigations of a fan determined to find bugs and glitches in the game. The user LegendofLinkk He found a combination of buttons that allowed Link to carry the bow in one hand and a bomb in the other, a situation that allowed the character to float in the air when he jumped.

This curious effect therefore allows us to move indefinitely through the fields of Hyrule without stepping on the ground at any time, also being able to accelerate the movement and achieve greater speed to move to the other end of the map. It is not a teleportation, but we could define it as the ultimate trick.

A gem for speedrunners

Obviously, this trick has fallen like a real bomb among the speedrunners of the game, since now they will be able to cut a lot of time in their movements with the help of this peculiar glitch. Do you have to get from one end of the map to another to complete a temple? Fly as much as you can and arrive in a matter of seconds.

How is the glitch activated?

To get Link to float in the air we will need to place a bow in one hand and a bomb in the other, and for this we will have to make a combination of buttons in a specific order so that the game ends up giving our character skills that they were not contemplated. What you have to do is the following:

  • Take out a bomb
  • Place it on the ground
  • Draw your bow
  • Press the B and + buttons at the same time
  • Take off your shield
  • Reopen the equipment menu
  • Replace the shield and close the menu
  • Jump up and press the B and + buttons at the same time
  • Take off your shield and close the menu
  • Place an arrow but immediately cancel the shot

After completing these steps, Link should carry a bow and a bomb at the same time, so now you only have to jump into the void and check that you are flying. With the joystick you can accelerate moving back and forth, and if you stop moving it, Link will fall directly to the ground, so you will have to maintain the trajectory.

The list of steps may be a bit overwhelming, but it’s actually not very difficult to complete if you train the movements a few times. The need to use a bomb is because you need an object that can be dropped and picked up again, so it could be any other object in the game, not necessarily a bomb, but since they are extremely easy to summon, it is the easiest object. to always have at hand.

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