This artist customizes iPhone and iPad leaving incredible designs

Leo has a YouTube channel with more than half a million subscribers in which he shows his customization process for all kinds of elements. However it is in Instagram and Tik Tok where it has become more popular. Even the well-known Cabronazi account has echoed in recent days one of his creations and it is the customization of the iPad and iPhone that draws the most attention to users.

iPad version ‘Luca’ of Disney and much more

Seeing the close relationship that Apple and Disney have, few would miss seeing a Disney version iPad. In fact, we already see spheres on the Apple Watch with characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as the protagonists of Toy Story. However, Leo goes beyond a simple wallpaper with his designs and has managed to create a iPad Pro with Luca’s back, one of the latest Disney hits.

This video that you saw previously is the one that has become more popular in recent days. We can see in a short clip how the artist uses just a few sprays and markers to create an authentic work of art on his iPad. In addition to taking care of even the smallest detail, seeing how, for example, it covers the double camera of this device with a sticker so as not to damage it.

However, this is not the only outstanding work by Leo Mahalo customizing Apple devices. In his Instagram feed we can find him customizing some iPhones with markers or tempera. Neither the MacBooks are ‘saved’ from the inspiration of Leo, being able to also find several personalized notebooks with really amazing designs.

custom iphone

Be careful if you want to do it too

If the works of Leo Mahalo have awakened the artist within you and you want to try yourself to do something similar, you must take several things into account. The first thing you must be sure of the design you want to do, since in the end you will have to live with it permanently. And it is that, although it will depend on what materials you use, the truth is that it could be really difficult to remove it, since you would have to use abrasive liquids that could end up damaging the chassis of your device.

You should also keep in mind that, especially in the case of iPhones with wireless charging, the paint could break down if the device gets hot. It could even end up being dangerous, so we recommend taking it into account. In the same way that we warn you that Apple does not take over of this type of customizations and therefore no damage can be covered by the warranty.

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