Is your iPhone 11 battery failing? This is how you change step by step

Recommended options to change it

Before going fully into explaining how you can change the battery of your iPhone 11 yourself, we have to tell you what are really the most recommended ways to replace it since, obviously, doing it manually carries risks that we will tell you later. Next we go with the most reliable methods and that we recommend that you take into account if you want to give your device a new battery.

On the official Apple service

The safest and most recommended option is without any doubt to go to an Apple Store to have Apple’s own technicians in charge of carrying out this replacement process. After all, they are the ones who have the best processes and tools to replace your device’s battery in the best possible way. In addition, doing it through Apple also has a series of advantages that you have to take into account, especially with regard to the warranty of the device.

If you repair the battery of your iPhone 11 and this it was under warranty, this guarantee will be maintained and may even be increased depending on the duration remaining at the time of replacement. In addition, like any process in which the device is opened, it may be the case in which the device suffers some damage, if this happens, Apple would be in charge of providing you with a completely new device, that is, you will be completely unconcerned with the fact that your iPhone 11 may suffer some damage during the repair process.

However, not everything is perfect, obviously the point by which many users discard this option is the cost of replacing the battery through the official Apple media. The company charges 75 euros by this process and 29 euros if you have AppleCare +.

In the SAT

Another of the most recommended options is to replace the battery in a SAT. The SATs are centers authorized by Apple itself both to sell its products and to be able to carry out the technical service officially with all the advantages that this entails. Really for technical purposes, performing a battery replacement in a SAT is the same as doing it in an Apple Store, so you can be completely confident of the reliability of performing this procedure in a center authorized by the Cupertino company.

iPhone 11

To do this, the process is the same as if you did it in an Apple Store, you just have to make an appointment for a professional from that establishment to attend you. In addition, in some cases it may be even better to have the replacement or repair performed at an Apple Authorized Center because prices can rarely be even cheaper.

In unauthorized center

We go with the third option, and that is to replace the battery in a center not authorized by Apple. In this case, the advantage and the reason that leads some users to choose this route is the price of the replacement. It is usually considerably cheaper, however, surely if you weigh the advantages and possible problems that you may have as a result of performing the replacement at an unauthorized center, think twice before opting for this route.

iPhone 11 purple

The first thing you have to know is that, once the device is opened by a service that is not Apple or authorized by Apple, it will lose all the warranty, in addition, you also have to bear in mind that the battery will not be the official one of the Cupertino company so it is possible that it may give a fault, not so much at the moment, but after some time of use. Therefore, if you still continue with the idea of ​​opting for this route, what we recommend is that you be very clear about the conditions that this center offers you when changing the battery of your device, so that in case of that fails, you can claim.

Change the iPhone 11 battery yourself

We have already discussed the three options that you have available if you want to change the battery of your iPhone 11. Our recommendation is that you choose to do it through an official route, that is, by going to an Apple Store or, failing that, through a SAT. However, there is a fourth possibility, and that is that you yourself are in charge of carrying out this entire process.

What you should know beforehand

If the option you have in mind is this, you have to take into account a series of conditions that you may not have thought about but that you have to know before getting down to work. First of all, you have to buy a battery to be able to replace the one you currently have in the iPhone, this battery will never be the official one from Apple, so, as we mentioned before, it can present errors when using it. In addition, once you have the iPhone, it will lose its entire warranty, which is another reason why we always recommend carrying out this type of repair through official services.

Another point that you have to take into account is your skills. This process is very complicated and you need a lot of skill when carrying out each of the steps, so if you doubt your ability to carry it out, we do not recommend that you choose this route, as there is the possibility of that you leave your iPhone completely useless. You also have to have the right tools, the battery is not the only thing you need to be able to make this replacement.

Steps to follow to change it

If after all the information that we have provided in this post, you continue with the idea of ​​being yourself who changes the battery of your iPhone, then we leave you the steps to carry out this process. Not without first reminding you that, first, you need to have the right tools to carry it out, and second, it is a very meticulous process, which requires a lot of skill and knowledge to be able to complete it successfully.

  1. Buy the battery yourself.
  2. Turn off the iPhone
  3. Remove the 6.7mm pentalobe screws from the bottom edge of the device.Image 1
  4. Heat the bottom of the iPhone to soften the adhesive that secures the screen, thus making it easier to open. For this you can use a hair dryer.
  5. Using the iSclack tool, place the suction cups near the bottom edge of the iPhone, one above and one below, then press firmly.Picture 2
  6. Insert a pick into the hole under the screen on the bottom edge of the iPhone.
  7. Now is the time to separate the adhesive from the screen, to do this slide the pick through the lower left corner and along the left edge of the iPhone, in this way you will carefully cut the adhesive that keeps the screen in place.
  8. Reinsert the pick at the bottom edge of the iPhone and slide it along the right side to continue to separate the adhesive.
  9. Very carefully pull the right edge of the screen down.Picture 3
  10. Insert the pick into the upper right corner of the phone.
  11. Keep pulling the screen down until you have enough space for the pick.
  12. Slide the pick to the upper left corner and cut off any remaining adhesive to secure the screen.
  13. Now remove the iSclack.
  14. Open the iPhone by moving the screen up from the left side, as if it were a back cover of a book. In addition, the screen will have to support it against something resistant.Picture 4
  15. Slightly lift the bottom edge of the screen.Picture 5
  16. Using a Y000 screwdriver remove the three 1.1mm long screws that secure the battery connector bracket.Picture 6
  17. Remove the battery connector bracket.Picture 7
  18. When to disconnect the battery, use a spudger or a clean fingernail and lift the battery connector from its socket on the logic board. Also, bend the connector slightly so that it is away from the logic card to prevent accidental contact with the socket.Picture 8
  19. Using a screwdriver, remove the five 1.1mm screws that hold the bracket to the logic board cover.Picture 9
  20. Remove the bracket from the logic board cover.
  21. Use a spudger or fingernail to disconnect the cable connector from the LCD panel. Disconnect the digitizer connector next to it.Picture 10
  22. Using the tip of the spudger or a fingernail, disconnect the front panel sensor assembly connector.Picture 11
  23. Remove the display assembly.
  24. Remove the screws from the bottom bracket.Picture 12
  25. Remove the bottom bracket.Picture 13
  26. Using tweezers, lift and remove the black tape and rubber pad covering the Taptic engine connector.
  27. Unscrew the bottom speaker.Picture 14
  28. Remove the grounding clip located in the upper right corner of the speaker.Picture 15
  29. Remove the Taptic engine cover.
  30. Lift up and push aside the small board that covers the remaining speaker screw in the lower-right corner of the iPhone.
  31. Insert a spudger under the top edge of the speaker and carefully lift it up.Picture 16
  32. Hold the speaker by the side edges and rock it side to side, separating the adhesive that secures it to the bottom edge.
  33. Pull the speaker along the bottom edge of the iPhone until the adhesive gasket separates.
  34. Remove the speaker.
  35. Unscrew the Taptic Engine.
  36. Using a spudger, disconnect the flexible cable from the Taptic Engine by lifting it out of its socket.Picture 17
  37. Remove the Taptic Engine.
  38. Locate the tabs on the adhesive.Picture 18
  39. Peel off the bottom tabs.
  40. Remove the first strip of adhesive.
  41. Remove the other two.Picture 19
  42. Peel off the top sticky tabs.
  43. Remove the top three adhesive strips.
  44. Remove the battery.Picture 20
  45. Follow the steps in reverse for the new battery to complete the battery replacement.

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