This ASUS ROG mouse costs almost half an all-time low price!

Are you a good player or a great player? Do you think you have the wood to be a professional? Well, every professional has to equip themselves with hardware and peripherals to match that make a difference and get that extra that we have that others cannot. The ASUS ROG Keris Wireless It is focused by and for professional or aspiring gamers and therefore has first-rate features. Don’t you know it? Well, attentive.

ASUS ROG Keris Wireless, a PRO mouse for PROS

It is not usually common, but there are times when technologies converge in a single product, but this also has the counterpart that the price of this is usually high. On this occasion and after this offer, that handicap is broken and now we can get hold of today’s offer with the ASUS ROG Keris Wireless with a 47% off.

We are talking about a mouse with triple connection technology, since it can be connected with a cable, with Wireless a 2.4 GHz or with Bluetooth LE. The sensor is customized by ROG to meet the 16,000 DPI and is able to withstand 400 IPS with a polling rate of 1000 Hz.

It is clearly a right-handed mouse, although narrowly, since it is quite symmetrical although it is not adapted for left-handed users as such. One of its greatest nuances is the fact that it can be very light thanks to not needing a cable, lowering its weight to only 79 grams which is an advantage for competitive games since we will move earlier and with greater precision.

Low weight allows 40 G of maximum acceleration let’s get faster movements and improve in each game.

ROG and push-fit micro switches

This ROG Keris Wireless on sale integrates some switches customized by the brand with a durability of 70 million clicks, being the most durable on the market thanks to a gold-plated electrical union. The level of precision is such that the switches are paired so that the actuation force deviation is not greater than 5 grams, thus we will always have the same sensation in both main clicks.

But if we do not like these switches, what we can do is change them and place the ones we want thanks to the system Push-fit of ROG, so that even if the switches wear or break we can put new or different ones improving the customization of the mouse when playing. The 79 grams mentioned come from another ROG improvement, since the internal structure of the mouse is made in a honeycomb shape, which makes it lighter and does not lose rigidity.

As if that were not enough, the left and right buttons are made of Non-slip PBT, which is totally impressive because they are created to better resist wear and shine. Do you want more? The side buttons are interchangeable and in various colors. What about the battery? With 12 hours of playtime with just 15 min of charge we are facing one of the fastest charging mice on the market and more efficient, but with the battery at 100% we would achieve 78 hours no lighting or 56 hours playing with the AURA Sync system turned on.

If you liked it more, this offer will do it in the ASUS ROG Keris Wireless, since as we have advanced its price falls by 47% from 99.99 euros to 52.95 euros. Now the question is whether you will arrive in time to buy it.

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