This is how Firefox now improves your privacy when browsing

New Firefox feature for privacy

We can say that MozillaFirefox It is one of the browsers that has worked the most on privacy and security in recent years. Now, with its latest update, it incorporates an improvement. This is a privacy feature that removes tracking URLs. This allows many web pages to obtain certain data from visitors.

It is something that is present on platforms like Facebook. They use URL query parameters personalized and thus track user clicks. Although it is a feature that helps websites offer more personalized services, user privacy is not always present.

What this new Firefox feature does is remove those parameters from the URL. If you enter a web page that has these types of parameters in the URL, it will be automatically removed. It is one more step to achieve greater privacy when we surf the net.

You can easily configure it in the browser. To do this you have to make sure you have the latest version installed, which would be 102. You can go to the menu at the top right, go to Help and click on About Firefox. It will automatically show you the version you have and install an update if one is available.

When you do this, the next thing you should do is go to Settings, Privacy and security and there you have to check the option of Strict. From that moment you will already have this new Firefox privacy function enabled to navigate.

Additional privacy tips

However, for improve privacy when browsing Internet is not enough just to have a good browser or have it configured to protect data. It will also be essential to avoid making mistakes and maintain good use of the network and programs. That will avoid many problems on the network.

For example, it is a mistake to expose personal data on the Internet, such as posting the e-mail address publicly or the telephone number in open forums or sites that may be accessible to anyone. That could be used against us and compromise our privacy on the Internet.

It will also be essential to be careful when connecting to public networks. A Wi-Fi at a shopping center or airport, for example, could be used by an attacker to steal data. In those cases, it is convenient to use a VPN as an alternative to the Tor browser, which would also be a privacy option, and thus be able to encrypt the data.

In short, as you have been able to see, Firefox has launched a new function with which it intends to improve user privacy. This is a new change that helps protect certain data when browsing the web.

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