This is what the new AMD and Intel graphics for gaming will cost

A leak that apparently comes from Taiwan has shed more light on all the darkness that companies try to implement with each new product through the greatest secrecy. The AMD line has seen everything filtered except its price, while the Intel line is still a little unknown in terms of performance, although no longer in the cost that we will see in stores.

Intel ARC A750, A580 and A380: this is the price of its new graphics

The most curious thing about these graphics cards is not their performance or market positioning, but the fact that they will not arrive at the same time, something that may have a lot to do with the problems that Intel is presenting with logistics and arrival times. , where at the moment there are no laptops with Core 12 and GPU ARC in stores.

Reportedly, the launch will feature the A750 and A380, while the A580 would arrive a few weeks later, but…what about the best of all? The A780 has no confirmed arrival date and will therefore be the last one we see.


There are also no specific dates for any of them and it better be that way, because after the multiple delays in the range of Intel laptops, it does well to cover its back, but there has been a certain temporary GAP. So the A750 that will compete head-to-head with the RTX 3060 will cost 350 dollars as MSRP and we will see it at the end of this month of May or beginning of June.

At the same time will come A580direct competition from the RTX 3050 for $280while the A380 which is the least of them and which will fight with the GTX 1650 for 150 dollars will do it in July. As we see, the A780 is out of this scene for now, but rumors point to competing against the RTX 3070 Ti for about 500 dollars.

AMD’s blow to NVIDIA that displaces Intel

What AMD is going to do has nothing to do with what is seen in Intel, and what the red team intends is to make a leap in performance… And in price. Unfortunately for consumers the new RX6650XT, RX6750XT and RX6950XT they will be more expensive and faster than the versions they replace.

Thus, the least of them will cost no less than $399 as MSRP, the RX6750XT goes to the $549 and the RX6950XT go up to the $1,099.


These are the prices for reference graphics or Reference for purists, so custom models should be a bit more expensive

In any case, this new slide maintains the same date of presentation and staging: the May 10or what is the same, next Tuesday, where the first reviews and comparative data should arrive where we can discern if they are really worth it for their performance / price ratio.

Therefore, what has been really surprising has been the price of the new Intel graphics, since they intend to eat the best-selling market, while AMD focuses on surpassing NVIDIA. It definitely gets pretty hot.

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