This website tells you how to build the craziest things in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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It was something that we were very clear was going to happen. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is becoming known more for its creative freedom with the way it creates vehicles and various utensils than for its story. The Nintendo game is being a laboratory of experiments for the players, and the creations are so many that someone has decided to collect them.

How to make a tank in Zelda

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom build

Surely you have already come across more than one post on social networks in which you have seen a player destroy a town of Bokoblins with a cannon shot. Well, if you are not sure what you should do to give life to these constructions, the web ZeldaBuilds it has it all so you don’t have doubts when it comes to gathering materials for your next great creation.

It is a website that collect user creations, who can upload their latest works to tell what materials they used exactly to bring their work to life. The idea of ​​the web is to create a huge database of creations in which to discover new creations and visit a ranking of the most popular designs.

In each post you will find the list of materials used and a screenshot of the build in action. We would have liked to also find videos of the creation in action or links to videos where you can see the gadget in action, but at the moment there is no such option on the web.

What you will be able to do is explore creations that use a specific material, in order to be able to get inspiration when making creations with materials that you have in your possession.

Less building and more campaign

The vastness and the feeling of freedom that the game offers is causing many users to completely lose their way around the main story of the game. And it is that as you unlock skills, the possibilities multiply, hence the fun focuses on giving life to the most bizarre construction possible instead of continuing forward in search of Princess Zelda and liberating the Kingdom of Hyrule.

A gallery that must grow

ZeldaBuilds website

At the moment, the ZeldaBuilds website has very few creations, so only the collaboration of the users will allow us to create a good database with constructions of all kinds. And it is that taking into account all the possibilities of the game, we are sure that something very great can be created there. Proud of the weapon of mass destruction that you have created to destroy your enemies? Share it and explain how you built it!

Fountain: Zelda Builds

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