Three Wise Men offers in microphone, earphone and Krom mousepad

We continue with the Three Kings offers on Amazon and as such today it’s up to Krom and some of its peripherals that offer interesting discounts. We talk about Kapsule, Kayle and Knout XL RGB, three products that are offered as minimum 25% discount where some are at historic lows. Do you want to renew your already tired peripherals? Well, you have an unbeatable opportunity.

Krom Kapsule

krom kapsule 2

You broadcast on YouTube or Twitch and your microphone does not filter enough, it does not make your voice heard clearly or it puts the much dreaded electrical noise. What do you do then? Change it for a first-rate one that offers you better performance and a fair price. With this Krom Kapsule we have a complete microphone kit more arm than if with the price at which it is not interested … Rare.

And it is that we are facing a professional microphone for streamers of the capsule type that integrates two condensers under its belt and that also allows something that not all of them achieve: choosing the recording pattern among the three main ones (unidirectional, cardioid and omnidirectional).

Its connection is made from the typical and widely used 3.5mm mini Jack, where this pack, being a kit, integrates the articulated support, the anti-shock mount and the pop filter, all with a 25% discount to stay alone 40.99 euros.

Krom kayle


It is one of those products that gives more for less, where within the entry range it is the best that can be purchased for a price that is now practically a gift. Integrates two 50mm drivers that together with the brand software allow a virtual 7.1 sound for gaming.

As a good gaming headset, it includes a flexible wide-range microphone that will improve communication, a system RGB flow that allows lighting in 7 colors, an ergonomic design that will adapt like a glove to our head through its adjustable headband and of course it is compatible with the main gaming platforms, from PC to consoles.

Now we can buy it with a 39% off costing only 22.99 euros.

Krom Knout XL RGB

It is the largest version that Krom has for sale and it does not lose performance for that. We are talking about gigantic dimensions of 900 x 350 x 3 mm thick that will give us to have a monitor, keyboard and mouse on top of it, achieving the best performance and comfort in each game.

The surface is made of treated fabric thermally to polish off any impurities from it for improved glide and friction. It also has a lighting system of 6 fixed colors and 3 RGB effects They are a delight to have such a large size, since the effect that is achieved is visually magnificent.

Falls a 33% to stay alone 17.99 euros, a gift that we should not miss since it is a historical minimum price.

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