Today you have an appointment with the ADSLZone Awards – Clipset 2021… and their gifts!

This time of year comes when summaries with the best of the last 12 months and the galas with awards to recognize these merits happen non-stop and in the ADSLZone family it was not going to be different. Today, November 23, you have the possibility of living the XII edition of the ADSLZone Awards – Clipset and incidentally take a good amount of gadgets by the face. And beware that we are talking about smartphones, tablets, smart watches, speakers, headphones … and even Smart TVs. Keep reading and we will tell you everything.

What are the awards about?

Surely last year you already found out about the online party that the ADSLZone Group rode next to Clipset to choose the best products of the year and we don’t have to tell you too much, but just in case you get caught again, we quickly put you in the situation: both the company, the The Output is united, as the famous YouTube channel of the clipetes once again celebrates a streaming event in which prizes will be awarded in no less than 32 categories that will reveal which are the best phones, tablets, Smart TVs, smartwatches, peripherals, speakers, headphones and many other gadgets of the year.

In addition to unveiling such awards, the gala will be characterized, as in 2020, by a very dynamic rhythm in which there will be no shortage of awards. More than 60 draws will be held during the gala accumulating a value of more than 12,000 euros, therefore being very high the chances that something will touch you.

Time and place of the ADSLZone Awards – Clipset 2021

Are you clear about today’s plan? So you need coordinates so you don’t miss anything. The gala of the XII edition of the ADSLZone Awards – Clipset It will be held today, November 23, starting at 7:00 p.m. (Spain) and will be directed, of course, by Carolina Denia.

You can follow it via streaming through YouTube, specifically on the Clipset channel. You can access it or directly return to this page at that time and enjoy it here in the following video that will be operational from the aforementioned starting time:

Be careful because to be eligible for the prizes you have to fulfill a very simple requirement: follow the ADSLZone Twitter account, since it will be through it where more details will be given on how to participate in the draws and the winners will be announced.

Everything clear to enjoy a good time of technology this afternoon? Well, enjoy…. And good luck with those prizes!

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