Top 3 (and cheapest) alternatives to AirPods Max

The AirPods Max are not only the best headphones from Apple, but they also rank among the most prominent in the industry in competition with other brands. However, its price is prohibitive for many and that is where we find options that, despite being inferior in some sections, offer excellent benefits and are a good alternative. And on top of that, it saves money.

Also taking into account that Amazon offers interesting discounts in them, in addition to having a good availability, we believe that they can be excellent Christmas purchases. Whether they are for you or to give these parties, you probably won’t find anything better at the price they have. Besides that you will have 2 years warranty the first covered by the brand and the second by Amazon itself.

The Bose 700s are still “the old reliable”

We started by telling you that these headphones are not only cheaper than the AirPods Max, but now on top of that they have a 100 euro discount with respect to its official price. They are not the most recent, but they continue to live up to a very different design with the rest, available in up to three color options and with a case included in which to store them comfortably.

Bose 700

At the level of sound quality offers a perfect balance with which we realize that they are high-end headphones, including functions such as the noise suppression and full compatibility with all types of Apple devices and its competition.

The two Sony options that continue to sweep

The WH1000XM4 and the WH1000XM3 Sony’s are still among the best buy options for those who find AirPods Max expensive. Plus also they are on sale on Amazon, so you can get them for much less.

Also available in various colors, at the level of sound and functions like active noise cancellation they are practically identical headphones. The most interesting difference between the two is that the ‘4’ have a better simultaneous connection with several devices, while in the ‘3’ this must be done manually.

sony wh1000xm4

Its design is more classic and although its plastic materials may seem low-end, nothing could be further from the truth. And they are very ergonomic headphones that allow you to use it for hours. In addition, they include a complete case in which we find a 3.5 mm Jack to 3.5 mm Jack cable and even an adapter for use in airplanes.

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