US: Amazon employees move toward union formation in New York

Employees of a Amazon warehouse in New York, which are intended to form a labor union After a failed attempt in Alabama, they announced Monday that they took the first step before the employment law agency takes care of it, which the business giant questioned.

“We already have more than 2,000 signatures and this is just the beginning,” announced the leader of the movement, baptized as Amazon Labor Union, ALU (Amazon Workers Union), Christian Smalls, outside the federal labor law agency (National Labor Relations Board, NLRB), in Brooklyn.

ALU’s attorney, Eric Milner, assured that the minimum number of signatures required among the employees of this warehouse in Staten Island, or 30%, has been reached. According to him, the NLRB has scheduled a hearing for November 15 to discuss the procedure, but by then the trading giant has an obligation to inform warehouse workers that the case has proven valid.

“We doubt that a sufficient quantity of legitimate signatures of employees to justify a choice, “an Amazon spokeswoman, Kelly Nantel, responded in a statement.

Dressed in red overalls and wearing on his head the mask of the characters from the Netflix series “Casa de papel”, Smalls, fired from Amazon a few months ago, he assured: “the world is looking at us (…) New York is a city of unions and we are going to show it.” Behind him was a cartoon of the group’s founder and former CEO, Jeff Bezos.

To win in a future vote, more than half of the New York warehouse employees will have to vote in favor of the creation of a union, which would be a first for Amazon in the United States.

Companies are looking for employees by the end of the year in the US

To keep the newly opened beer tasting room in New York State running, Peter Chekijian has no choice but to have his key employees work seven days a week. You have trouble hiring staff to lighten the load.

The brewery vats are still out of order as the subcontractors also have labor issues.

“Finding people to finish the job is a big problem,” the owner of the small Twin Fork Beer brewery told AFP.

More than 10 million jobs were vacant at the end of August. And the activity rate, that is, the part of people who work or seek employment, has gone from 63.3% before the pandemic to 61.6% in September.

The reasons are various. Some people fear getting the coronavirus, particularly if they have children or elderly people at home. Others have retired early during the pandemic; others prefer to change the balance between private and professional life or are simply fed up with low wages.

For Maryclaire Hammond, head of human resources for the logistics company GXO, which seeks to recruit 9,000 people for the Christmas season in the United States, “there is strong competition at all levels (…), an absolute war.”

To ensure packages are delivered in time for Christmas, large companies are trying to recruit temps at full throttle: 150,000 at Amazon, 150,000 at Walmart, 100,000 at Target, 100,000 at UPS, 90,000 at Fedex.

With information from AFP


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