USB storage system up to 64 TB with a 20% discount

Having a backup, the most important photographs and files that we have, is important, to avoid their loss. For those who want to have all these files safe, we bring you a Orico DAS for massive data storage. Now we can find this USB storage system with a 20% discount.

For those who do not know very well what a DAS is, it is quite similar to a NAS, but it lacks a network connector. DAS systems connect to the computer directly via a USB port (or Thunderbolt, depending on the system). They offer lower speeds, but we will have a huge backup storage capacity.

Orico 9548U3-BK DAS for file backup

Losing vacation photos, birthday videos, personal documents and other one-of-a-kind files can be a disaster. For those engaged in photo or video editing, among others, keeping your files safe is critical. For all these situations and any other that comes to mind, this Orico USB storage system it can come in handy.

This DAS has a system of 4 x 3.5-inch SATA hard drive bays, come on, HDD hard drives. Each of the bays supports HDD up to 16GB capacity for a total 64GB. Unfortunately, this system lacks support for RAID configurations. Indicate that each of the separate security lock bays for each unit.

This DAS system offers us a speed of transfer rate up to 5Gb/s. It offers support for the UASP acceleration system, thus guaranteeing excellent performance.

Internally, this Orico system has a dual-core chip for managing the SATA ports. Specifically, it uses the JMS567 + JMB575 dual chip, to offer stable transfers and uninterrupted use. This system has a consumption 150W power supplymore than enough to power the storage units.

Does this system have aluminum chassis 4 mm thick that gives it strength and also heat dissipation. The bays have a grille system on the front that allows the entry of cold air that is expelled from the rear. It has a fan in the back that absorbs air from the outside and thus expels the hot air from the back.

Simply plug and play

Being simply by USB and not supporting RAID configurations, installing the HDD and connecting it to the PC is enough. This is especially interesting for those who do not want to be making configurations that can be more or less complex.

The good thing about this system is that it is expandable, it is not necessary to install all the units first. We can add hard drives as we need and thus, increasing the capacity of the system. Note that it is compatible with all hard drives on the market, but it is better to install specific drives for NAS, such as Western Digital Red.

It is a very good solution to stop depending on cloud services, such as google photos. For those who are dedicated to photography or recording video, it is also an excellent option to store your content.

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