Users of the Tanium Cloud cloud platform grow by 300% in one year

Tanium Cloudthe security and management platform for endpoints with different operating systems, has registered a inter-annual growth of its clients of more than 300%, and according to Tanium this is because it does not require any infrastructure to use, and thus companies can quickly deploy new capabilities that can block and stop an exploit in minutes. In addition, the company has also noted that its clients have used its instant visibility solution for Log4j vulnerable endpoints, Reveal, during this time, 5 times more in this last year.

To use the Tanium Cloud, which offers Tanium’s endpoint management and security platform, managed from the cloud, there is no need to install any software, and there is no need to manage servers, either physical or virtual. Both the platform and the Tanium solutions are configured and maintained automatically. In this way, IT teams have more time and resources to manage endpoints. Furthermore, regardless of its size and scope, companies that use it can have an instance up and running in a few hours.

This means that companies can deploy new operations and security capabilities almost immediately. Both in the case of having to do it with a few thousand endpoints and with millions. All this means that Tanium Cloud can save companies significant money and time when migrating, for example, an installation made up of several local servers.

Álvaro Etcheverry, Country Manager of Tanium in Spainhas pointed out that «Legacy management systems are often at the heart of problems for organizations looking to improve efficiency, increase visibility and meet global demand. Tanium Cloud customers no longer have to struggle with those limitations. Being free from infrastructure dependency gives them countless hours of bandwidth, allowing them to staff other tasks and resolve today’s most dangerous vulnerabilities in a matter of hours, not days.«.

For Michael Suby, Vice President of Research, Security and Trust at IDC«When rapidly changing technology converges with the redefinition of the workplace, it becomes even more important that organizations have the ability to react and respond quickly. Tanium is one such cloud-based platform that is specifically designed to address the root causes of IT and Security challenges quickly, while also unifying those teams through its single pane of glass.«.

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