Visa Direct, Visa’s “bizum” that will be available to its partner, Pecunpay

The Spanish fintech, Pecunpay, and the multinational, Visa, have announced the launch of VisaDirecta solution that will allow Pecunpay customers send and receive money instantly, from person to person. Thanks to Visa Direct, which will be available soon, consumers will be able to use it not only in Spain, but also in the European Economic Area thanks to Visa’s global network and Pecunpay’s license.

This new solution comes at a time when consumers are increasingly turning to digital payments and demanding new methods and devices for sending and receiving your money. Without going any further, almost 40% of Spaniards admit to having used their mobile to pay on at least one occasion, according to data from Visa and Pecunpay. In this context, Visa is constantly innovating so that new and future payment methods and channels are better and more accessible to everyone, thus facilitating new flows of money movement to connect and empower consumers.

In this sense, among the main advantages of Visa Direct, its main highlight is its instantaneitysince it allows the movement of money between two people in an agile and simple way. Another of its great advantages is the security in each transaction, since it has the support of Visa’s network and technology, as well as the option of sending and receiving international money, thus becoming a pioneer in allowing it outside the country.

Regarding the operation of Visa Direct, Pecunpay customers will find this new functionality within the banking application itself. To make the shipment, they will only have to fill a form, entering the 16 numbers of the card to which they want to send and accept the transaction. In this way, Visa Direct will allow them to send and receive money thanks to real-time payment technology to, for example, send gifts, share expenses and help relatives located outside of Spain, guaranteeing an efficient and secure payment experience.

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Consumers demand increasingly faster solutions for sending and receiving money that are easy and safe to use. Visa Direct is proof that at Visa we are at the forefront of developing the most innovative technology in the sector, with the aim of facilitating the movement of money between people and, above all, offering consumers different forms that adapt to your day-to-day needs. Therefore, we are very proud to launch this new solution in Spain hand in hand with a disruptive partner like Pecunpay”has pointed out Eduardo Prieto, General Director of Visa in Spain.

For Pecunpay, incorporating Visa’s instant money transfer solution, Visa Direct, is a very important step in our business strategy. Allowing us to offer all our broadcast programs value-added services”, comments Antonio García Cruz, CEO of Pecunpay. “Specifically, Visa Direct responds to one of the main demands of users, the possibility of sending money to family and friends in a practically instantaneous, safe and simple way, regardless of where they are”.

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