Volvo develops an interior radar that prevents children from being locked in the car

The car manufacturer Volvo, known for the safety of its vehicles, is going to go a step further in protecting its occupants with the development of a radar for the interior of your vehicles, which aims andprevent someone from getting locked in them by mistake. Especially the children. But also pets.

This system is based on occupant sensors mounted on the car’s overhead panel, reading lamps mounted on the text and in the trunk. These sensors are responsible for monitoring the entire interior of the vehicle, and are capable of detecting even the smallest movements.

With the system, if a parent or owner of a pet traveling with children or pets in the car gets distracted and tries to lock the car before getting them out, the vehicle will block the locking attempt and display a warning on the car’s center console to check what’s inside. In addition, it will activate the air conditioning system to prevent children and pets from getting hot or cold.

Although it seems practically impossible to forget a child or a pet in a car, reality shows otherwise. There are even children who die of cold or heat pets locked in cars. Either because their peers or owners forget them or because they think it’s safe to leave them for a while in a car while they do errands or go shopping. These deaths can be prevented, and according to Volvo, this happens by preventing the car from being locked, by activating the air conditioning and by notifying drivers that there is someone in the car when they have already left.

The first Volvo car model to include this system will be its EX90 electric SUV, which will be presented on November 9. It is designed to be Volvo’s safest vehicle to date, with external sensors that the company says will reduce serious accidents by up to 20%. It will also carry another sensor inside that will monitor the movements of the driver’s lame, detecting those that seem to show signs of sleep or distraction. This sensor also detects if someone falls asleep at the wheel, and makes the car call for help immediately.

These functions, as well as the detection if someone is left in the vehicle when it is going to be closed, will be installed progressively in all new Volvo vehicles. The company has confirmed that it will include its interior sensors in its all countries where the 60 GHz frequency used by the system is approved for automotive use«.

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