Warm naps that sound like a hieroglyph: Ploov, from Stoov

The Stoov brand is just a newcomer to our country. And his letter of introduction at MC is Ploov, a wireless and rechargeable thermal cushion, with different sizes and materials. This company, founded in the Netherlands in 2014, designs and produces thermal cushions with infrared technology, with an elegant design and a sustainable philosophy, which is reflected both in saving energy and in the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

At first glance, this philosophy is clear to us, the box is a declaration of intent. Made of cardboard with a simple pattern that shows us some of their products, simple, but with great taste. When we open it, we see a colored interior, in which the brand gives us a small presentation about its values. And it is that in Stoov their principles are clear: We warm people, not the planet. In addition, the box is ideally designed as a gift, because on the closing sticker we already find a “This warm present is for…”. For me, in this case for me.

Specifications of Ploov of Stoov

12w heat source 20×23 cm FIR carbon fiber with overheating protection
heat levels 32ºC / 39ºC / 42ºC (@room temperature)
Battery Li-Ion 10.8V – 2600mAh or 4500 mAh
Size 43x58cm
Weight 1000g
Outer sheath material 100% rPET

In its catalog we find different personal heating products, all of them with infrared technology that saves energy, wireless, easy to use, designed with style and with sustainable materials. Something recurring throughout its catalogue, especially in the Ploov cushion, is the variety of finishes. It’s almost overwhelming for indecisive people like me. In addition to being able to choose between different sizes and different materials (original, woven, velvety, fleecy, outdoor and premium Revyva), we have between 4 and 10 colors to choose from, depending on the model. The result is a variety of options for all tastes.

In our analysis we have had the opportunity to test the velvety finish of recycled PET, with a classic look and a pleasant touch, in a pink pepper colour.

Stoov’s Ploov is presented as an intelligent and sustainable alternative to heating that minimizes its environmental impact and maximizes comfort. Among its advantages, they say from the brand, there are some such as savings on the energy bill, since you can charge it when the price of electricity is lower, and when you use it you can lower the heating level to some degree.

Following data from the brand, they state that each degree less heating you will be saving 7% in energy costs, and they estimate that this translates into a saving of €49.92 per year if you load the cushion once a day. Something to keep in mind is that it is not a cheap product. The specific model that we have had the opportunity to test is priced at €119.95, but depending on the size and finish it can go up to €169.95.

Ploov heat modes

It has three heat modes, which you can select on the label that acts as a regulator. It goes from 34°C to 42°C, to adapt to any need. Also, if it runs out of battery you can use it while charging without problem. In my experience, these temperatures are really indicative, and I have not noticed that the cushion reaches such a high temperature. I speak from the experience of a person who takes a Targaryen level shower, so it is possible that anyone else does notice enough temperature. In my case, I can say that it is pleasant and warm, but I miss a higher temperature.

The Ploov is a version 2.0 of the traditional electric blankets, but it acts as a cushion, so its use is not limited to autumn-winter. It can be charged at any time (even while you’re using it) and doesn’t need to be plugged in. In addition, you can take it with you, for example, on a long car trip and enjoy it too.

Its battery lasts from 2 and a half hours to a maximum of 5 hours, depending on the temperature level at which we are using it. Among the product customization options, where we will choose color and size, there is an option to add an extra battery, for €30 more, which would give us a duration of between 4.5 and 9 hours. The charging time of the basic battery model is between 2 and 4 hours.

In the Stoov store we find different accessories, such as covers for outdoor use (not because they cannot be used, but to give the materials greater durability), or batteries for longer duration to extend their autonomy. There are also numerous covers, as we mentioned earlier, simply to vary their appearance or finish.


Stoov’s Ploov cushion comes as a possible alternative to traditional electric blankets, and that will help us reduce energy consumption and, therefore, the electricity bill. Accompanied in addition to a careful design and quality finishes, it can become a perfect accessory both for our home and for taking it anywhere thanks to its wireless technology.

Right now the Ploov cushion can be purchased on the Stoov website and on retail channels such as Amazon for a price between €89.95 and €169.95, depending on the size and finish selected.

Final assessment

Design and build quality9

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